Are you looking for a permanent cash reserve and not just planning a one-time purchase? Would you like to have flexible desired amounts paid out in the future without checking or asking the bank?

Your spontaneous loan should be flexibly repayable, just as it fits in with the budget? Then a cheap credit line is the right alternative for you!

Who does not want this: More financial freedom on favorable terms and without a fixed term. Including a fixed credit limit and variable interest. With a modern credit line, you can stay mobile today in terms of finance without a rigid loan and fixed monthly installments.

Together with your bank, you set an upper limit that is permanently available to you after verification. So you determine the amount of the loan that the credit institution has at your disposal at any time without request and which is available to you from now on. With a credit line, you can plan financially in everyday life and always use it as needed.

Apply online: Compare the credit line and secure it immediately


You can easily compare your online credit line online and apply it immediately. First determine the necessary credit line, term, and the intended purpose and then search for the best interest offers with suitable repayment in our comparison.

All it takes is a short click and you will immediately receive the best offers from our partner banks.

If you have found a suitable offer, our comparison calculator will take you directly to the website of the bank you want. There you can apply for your framework loan in just a few steps and after a short check by the bank, it is available directly to your account.

Online loan application – your framework loan in just a few steps


  • Explore a suitable credit line by comparison
  • Send the application and supporting documents to the bank online or by post
  • Perform identity verification via VideoIdent or PostIdent
  • Use the framework loan immediately after it has been checked and approved

Our tip in the area of ​​installment loans


  • Credit comparison of different banks
  • Offers within 24 hours
  • Online, fast and free
  • up to 75,000 USD

Framework credit and on-demand credit – what is it and what are the differences?

The credit is considered a modern flexible alternative to the traditional line of credit. Here too, you have a fixed credit line available – usually for these loans between 1,000 and 50,000 USD – on your existing account. You can use this flexibly if required, whereby interest only accrues for the amount actually called up.

In many cases, the so-called credit line at banks in Austria is also used as an on-demand loan or on-demand loan. With this special liquidity alternative, however, you as a customer pay back the credit line you have drawn with monthly loan installments – with variable interest rates and flexible terms.

From this perspective, on-demand loans are a mix of installment loans and flexible framework loans. Most of these are processed via a separate credit account – for example, a mini-credit account next to an existing current and salary account or a credit card. Framework loans are generally significantly cheaper than an overdraft facility but more expensive than most online installment loans.

Framework credit vs. Overdraft facility

Framework credit vs. Overdraft facility

In general, a demand credit is similar to the overdraft facility on a current account or on a credit card. However, there are two main differences :

The effective interest rate on the credit line is significantly lower than on the overdraft facility. In addition, the framework credit does not necessarily have to be taken out through your current house bank or direct bank. You can, therefore, apply for your credit line for the call loan at any institution in Austria.

Tip: Customers who regularly use their overdraft facility on their salary account are better off with a credit line. This is just as flexible but causes significantly lower interest costs.

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