10 most popular apps of 2021



Mobile applications are the perfect symbiosis between comfort and functionality. The point is, these software products are ideal for watching videos, chatting with friends, improving the educational process, and even making money. But which apps are the most popular in 2021? What do modern users like the most? The ten best apps available on the Play Market and the App Store are here.


TikTok was established in 2015 and has changed the world forever. The point is, this social network is aimed at teenagers and artists creating entertainment content. A lot of people thought this app was like a teen Instagram clone, but they were wrong. Did you know that over two billion users have downloaded TikTok to their smartphones? In addition, this application is very popular with students who want to become bloggers. But these people should read WritePaperForMe review and delegate some tasks to have more time to create video content.


Trends change every year, but an app is always popular. Facebook is a dinosaur that looks like an ancient vase, but remains the number one app for billions of people around the world. The point is, this software product is ideal for watching video content, searching for information, reading news, and other activities. Part of Facebook’s popularity can be attributed to its age. Lots of people have been using it for over ten years now.


Which app allows you to search for pictures of funny cats, food, people and memes? Instagram is a phenomenon that has strongly influenced the creation of photo and video content on the Internet. The point is, this app is extremely popular due to the ability to observe the life of celebrities.

Even though the first version was released in 2010, Instagram is still very popular and growing its overall audience every year. As a result, some people even decide to drop out of college and become bloggers. But you shouldn’t be taking such drastic measures. Instead, read the wepapers.com review, and you can learn more about copywriting services and some of the pitfalls you can avoid.


Why is WhatsApp still popular? The secret is that this is a very handy app for communicating with friends. User-friendly interface, laconic design and many additional options have made this messenger one of the most recognizable in the world. Even in 2021, the total number of new users will increase rapidly.


Telegram is a symbiosis of simplicity and comfort. People use this app to communicate with their friends and colleagues. In addition, Telegram offers encryption technology and beautiful stickers. Any user can count on free calls when connected to Wi-Fi or LTE networks. In many ways, the app is popular due to its low traffic consumption and extensive functionality.


Zoom has become one of the best video conferencing apps relatively recently due to quarantine restrictions. The main advantage of the app is free video conferencing and chat for file sharing. Millions of freelancers and telecommuters use Zoom daily for conferences and team brainstorming sessions. Thanks to the ascetic interface, even your grandmother can register in the main menu in just a few minutes.


At first glance, Snapchat may seem quite strange, as this app only allows you to exchange graphical content and short videos. But why then are hundreds of millions of people using it in 2021? The answer is very simple and lies in the general concept of the application. Snapchat allows you to send videos that disappear after a certain period of time. Since 2011, this app has been one of the most popular entertainment segments.

Facebook Messenger

You already know that Facebook is one of the most popular apps in the world. But what is Facebook Messenger? The point is that the programmers at Meta have not yet been able to integrate the messenger into the main software product. Mark Zuckerberg argued this aspect with the strategic concept of the company and the desire to separate two sets of radically opposed tools. Nevertheless, one way or another, Facebook Messenger is a very popular app installed on most smart devices.


Duolingo is a project that has proven that people download entertainment apps and learn foreign languages. The main reason for the popularity of this software product is its simplified word learning process. Just five minutes a day, you can learn basic words and correct pronunciation. Even students can learn a lot of new information from Duolingo. However, such software will not allow you to write an essay any faster, so you need reliable writing services. But be sure to read the reviews to avoid asking questions like “Is PowerWritings Legit?” By the way, the app is free and you don’t have to spend any money.


Do you want to buy a new gadget, clothes or dishes? Then you should download Amazon. This app is one of the most popular in its category. Millions of people download Amazon every year because here you can select sellers, view bonuses, transaction history and other options. Plus, you can always count on pop-up notifications, which is especially important for traders.

Why are many older apps still popular?

The point is, many users have multiple Google and Apple accounts. Imagine that you have lost your account information or are using multiple smartphones. Additional downloads are the reason for the popularity of many older apps. In addition, the world population is constantly growing and many young people decide to download software for the first time. So this is the reason for the continued popularity of some of the above apps.

Final words

As you can see, most of the apps remained popular for over a decade. Some phenomena like TikTok are even breaking records, becoming mega-popular among young people. You will surely get a lot of positive emotions if you use the above list. Download apps and enjoy digital content. Now you can contact your friends with one click, learn a foreign language or buy something on the internet with one click.



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