4 apps that help content creators earn and manage money


Good content can make people sit up and take notice. Good content can also help creators earn stable money.

According to a report by Kalaari Capital, the size of the global creator economy exceeds $100 billion, while India’s creator economy is valued at around $80 million. The market is heating up and there is money to be made.

However, there is strong competition on various platforms in the creator economy, such as social media, OTT, and podcasts, and revenue is largely dependent on social media ads, ad shares , collaborations and brand partnerships. It is therefore important for content creators to sell smartly and also manage the money they earn.

Your story has implemented applications that offer various avenues for content creators at monetize their content and tools to manage their money.


Based in Bangalore Rigi.Club, founded by software developer Swapnil Saurav and Ananya Singhal in 2021, is a platform for influencers, creators and celebrities to manage, grow and monetize their communities.

Influencers and creators can use this platform to host webinars and workshops, launch courses and communities, and earn revenue from them.

The app, available on Android and iOS, has over 2,00,000 users. Most of the users belong to the age group of 18 to 24 years old.

In April 2022, Rigi.Club raised $10 million in a Series A funding round from Accel India, Sequoia Capital India, Stellaris Venture Partners and others to develop its product and build its team.


Based in Bangalore Qoohoofounded by Vimal Singh Rathore and Asem Gupta in 2020, is a platform that helps creators engage with their communities and monetize them with actionable insights.

Through Qoohoo, creators can monetize their content through live sessions, online events, workshops, courses and subscriptions. Creators can also entice their communities with discounts and promotional offers.

Qoohoo helps creators quickly launch their communities with rapid content creation and immersive engagement.

The app is available on Android and iOS and has over 15,000 downloads.

In March 2021, Qoohoo raised $800,000 in a seed funding round from angel investors to build its products and engineering team.


Based on Gurugram Cosmofeed was founded in 2021 by a business analyst Vivek Yadav and engineer Vishnu Pathak. It provides creators with easy-to-use tools to produce, grow, monetize, and engage with communities through chat channels, workshops, events, and courses.

Cosmofeed also allows auto-renewal, recurring subscriptions, one-to-one interactions, paid Telegram channels, and paid locked content. Through the app, creators can collect payments and withdraw

their earnings instantly.

The app also helps creators manage workflow and distribution. It does not charge content creators for using the platform and operates on commission-free payments.

In March 2022, Cosmofeed raised $1.5 million in a seed round from growX ventures, Waveform Ventures, 9 Unicorns and others to expand its network to relevant end users and hire people for the development of products, customer acquisition and engineering.

The app is available on Android and iOS and has been downloaded over 60,000 times on Google Play Store.


Based in Bangalore MoneyyAppfounded by Fayyaz Hussain, Aaditya Goyal and Mohit Goyal in 2021, allows creators to track and manage their earnings and income, expenses, due dates, and monthly financial calendar.

The app also helps creators submit taxes, register for GSTIN/PAN, and generate invoices in a timely manner, with automated reminders for collection and compliance. It provides an analytics dashboard for an annual subscription fee.

Through its iOS and Android apps, it helps creators get business loan approvals from partner banks.

MoneyyApp has an automatic reward generation tool to monitor the activities of other platforms used for distribution. The app charges the creator for every transaction they make.

The app is only available on Android and has had 12,000 downloads. It has over 8,000 creators on its platform.


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