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The days when people wore watches for fashion and horology are over. Today, people use smartwatches to track work activities, stay fit, and keep up to date with other areas of our lives.

Can we be surprised?

With so many smartwatch apps available, it’s no surprise to see and hear people doing crazy stunts on their wearable devices.

The only problem users (mostly newbies) sometimes have is knowing which apps to install. And that’s where guides like this come in.

In this article, we are going to show you some useful and really cool apps that you can get on your Android smartwatch today.

Best Android smartwatch apps in 2022


Who doesn’t love Instagram?

With over a billion active users, it’s clear that IG is our generation’s favorite app. Fortunately, there is a smartwatch version of IG that you can download to your Android smartwatch.

The Instagram smartwatch is a tool that allows you to do all of the following without taking your phone out of your pocket.

  • View Instagram posts/stories/IGTV/live videos
  • Post Comments
  • I like posts
  • See the number of likes on posts
  • See who commented on posts
  • Etc.

Who needs this app? Instagram smartwatch is an exciting app for Instagram addicts, influencers and business owners. that you wanted buy instagram likes Where buy instagram followers and you want to track the progress of your delivery, or you just want instant IG notifications on your wrist, this app works for you.

This application is available on both the Watch app and Wear the operating system. But you will need to set up with your Android phone or iPhone first using a third-party tool before you can enjoy it.


Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you always lose track of time and aren’t sure what you’re doing? Do you find yourself blurry and confused most of the time?

If so, you need Calm on your smartwatch. Calm is a meditation app designed for anyone struggling with the above conditions.

It is designed to help people stay calm and refreshed. When you download Calm, here is a list of calming features you enjoy:

  • Daily supply of meditation lessons for your daily meditation routine
  • sleep stories
  • Soothing and relaxing music library that puts you in a tranquil state

Available on Wear the operating system and apple watch.


Have you ever been to a city or town where you don’t know where you can get a taxi or a bus?

If so, then CityMapper might come in handy the next time you find yourself in such a mess. This app, which you can install on your Android and Apple smartwatches, provides information about buses, trains, metro, ferry and taxis in the area you are currently in.

Available on Wear the operating system and apple watch.


Recodr portable app

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to record something or someone, but you can’t take your phone out because people around you will notice?

Well, such situations are why you need Recordr.

Recordr is a smartwatch app that lets you record surrounding sounds and voices just by tapping the right icon on your wearable.

With Recordr, you can easily record meeting conversations for future reference or spy on people without them knowing.

Another cool benefit of Recordr is that it lets you fine-tune sounds to remove echo, noise, and other disruptive elements. This is especially useful for people who might need it to record interviews, lectures, or bass sounds.

Only available on Wear the operating system.

Who would have thought that the man of a day would pay for his purchases directly from his wrist? Such is the extent to which modern technology has evolved. Today, paying for things is as easy as reaching for the smartwatch on your wrist.

With the Google Pay wearable app, users can now fund purchases of food, clothes, drinks, tickets and more by simply tapping their smartwatch near the payment terminal.

If you have the latest version of the app on your smartwatch, you might even be able to request money from friends, customers, and family.

Imagine you forgot your phone and wallet at home one day and bought an item that you need to pay for. Instead of rushing home to collect them, you can simply tap the “send” tab in your Google Pay app to ask a friend to send you money, then use the same app to make the payment.

Available on Wear the operating system.


When it comes to good music, nothing beats Spotify. But until now, the only way to access this wonderful music application was our mobile devices.

Fortunately, now we no longer need to have our phones or tablets to access Spotify.

With the latest Spotify smartwatch integrations, you can enjoy your favorite music straight through your wearable. You can scroll through music libraries, adjust volume, and shuffle songs just by tapping or swiping on your smartwatch screen.

Available on apple watch and Wear the operating system.


The world we live in is so busy that no one remembers to follow the weather anymore. But no matter how busy our schedules, we must remember that the meteorologist plays a vital role in the flow of our days.

Luckily, companies like AccuWeather have made it so easy to stay in touch with the weatherman with their latest smartwatch design.

With AccuWeather you can see current temperature, humidity, wind speed, weather forecast, radar and other weather notifications. With this information, you can plan your day appropriately and know what to expect each day.

Available on apple watch and Wear the operating system.

To bring

This one is for people who like to prepare their shopping list before heading to the store. Bring allows you to prepare a list of things you want to buy on the go. And in case you miss some items, the app has an Items Library, which displays a list of items to consider.

Available on Wear the operating system and apple watch.


Telegram portable apps

Telegram is one of the most popular social networking apps on the planet right now. It hosts more than 500 million users and promotes group and individual conversations. This type of apps help you to facilitate many hacks, while being safer for communication with these applications, especially for companies.

Fortunately, there is now an Android smartwatch version. So what can you do on the smartwatch version?

You can:

  • View your chats to see if you have a final message
  • Create groups to launch your campaign
  • Respond to messages instantly even if you don’t have your phone with you
  • Change the look/theme of your Telegram app as you see fit.

Available on apple watch but the app has been removed from Wear OS.


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