A simple guide to using Telegram Web



If you have a smartphone – Android or iOS – I’m pretty sure you’ve installed the WhatsApp or Telegram app, or even both instant messaging apps.

Both platforms have introduced their web interfaces to allow their users to send and receive instant messages, media files, etc. on their laptops or desktops. WhatsApp introduced this feature to its user in the course of 2015, allowing users to synchronize their WhatsApp with their computer. Here is a simple guide to using WhatsApp Web.

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In this article, the focus is on Telegram. We are going to show you how you can use this cloud-based instant messaging and VoIP service from your web browser, on your computer.

Before we get to that, you should note that in addition to using the web version, Telegram is also available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows operating system, macOS, and GNU / Linux.

How to use Telegram Web

Step 1: First, from your web browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox is recommended) on your laptop or desktop, go to Telegram website.

2nd step: Once the Telegram login page is displayed on the screen, select your country. Then enter your phone number. Once done, click on the “Next” button or press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 3

Once done, a confirmation window will appear asking if the phone number you entered is correct, click ok. A code will then be sent to you, enter the code. Press “Next” after entering the code, you will be logged into your Telegram account. Plus, all messages will sync across all other devices you’ve signed into.

Mobile or Web: Which Should You Use?

Telegram Web will come in handy while you are at work. From your computer, you can quickly switch between your office work and sending text messages. With this, you avoid distractions as you no longer need to pick up your phone from your desk every time you get a beep.

But here’s the problem, using the web feature has its limitations. You cannot take advantage of some features available on the mobile application. Features like Telegram calls and secret chat feature. Also, you cannot invite friends or create new channels through Web Telegram.


Finally, unlike WhatsApp which needs your mobile phone to stay connected to the internet for the web version to work, Telegram keeps your messages on its servers, so it doesn’t need your mobile phone to stay connected to the internet for the web version to work. Web works. .



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