After a delay, Telegram releases a new Messenger update


Last week, Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov took to social media platforms to demand that Apple had delayed releasing a new update to its messaging app.

Finally, the company received approval and released the update bringing new features including the Emoji Platform, animated emoji in posts and captions, custom emoji packs, and the ability to gift Telegram Premium as a gift, a new privacy setting for voice messages, and more.

“After extensive media coverage of my previous article, Apple asked us to dilute our pending Telegram update by removing Telemoji – higher quality animated vector versions of the standard emoji. This is a confusing decision on the part of from Apple because Telemoji would have brought a whole new dimension to their low-resolution static emoji and greatly enriched their ecosystem,” said Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram.

“But it’s good for Telegram in the long run, because now we’re going to make Telemoji even more unique and recognizable. In addition, we’ve included 10 more emoji packs in today’s update, as well as the ability for any user to upload their own emoji,” Durov added. .

The new update introduces a new Custom Animated Emoji Platform. Here, subscribers to the premium service can download custom packs with unique art styles and characters.
Premium users can access 10 initial custom emoji packs, containing over 500 premium emoji.

New interactive effects in custom emoji and new sticker and GIF panel. Credit: Telegram

These animated emojis can be included in the text of messages and multimedia captions, giving more emotion to chats. Plus, non-premium users can view all custom emoji and use them for free in their Saved Messages chat to try them out – or to add an extra touch to notes and reminders.

It also brings new interactive emoji that provide a full screen effect when typed in a one-on-one chat.

For iOS users, the Telegram app has a new panel with dedicated tabs for stickers, GIFs, and emoji for easy access and sharing.

Telegram Premium users will have the ability to control who can send voice messages. Credit: Telegram

And for premium users, Telegram will offer the ability to control who can send them voice messages. Once updated, users will see three options: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

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