Altswitch Announces Single Token for Web 3.0


the AC switch The team is pleased to announce the release of “the mother of all applications and services that will soon be created for Web 3.0”.

The project offers rewards and utility as it generates income which is returned to the community in the form of dividends.

Altswitch Vision

The team’s goal is to create a project that becomes the key figure in the establishment of Web 3.0 and, eventually, the Metaverse, while rewarding the community.

In preparation for the upcoming assignment, the CEO, BitMax, has put together a team of experienced individuals with different areas of specialization as per the needs of the organization. The various specialists manage roles that match their skills to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities satisfactorily.

Talking about AltSwitch’s selling point, the team pointed out that “AltSwitch as a universal reward token…allows its holders to choose and change their rewards of any cryptocurrency under the Binance SmartChain”. This feature ensures that AltSwitch remains timeless and relevant as it is not limited to a single cryptocurrency.

CAD platform

The project is designed to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform in the future where other developers can leverage existing technology to create smart contracts on a plug-and-play basis for services. and apps.

During its presale, the project successfully and effortlessly filled a cap of 1,000 BNB which sold out in just over an hour. The sale was preceded by an extensive marketing campaign through community AMAs, giving the project maximum publicity.

In two weeks, the project achieved the following milestones:

  • Audit and KYC badges acquired
  • Reached the Top 1 of the Pinksale presale chart (firm capacity of 1,000 BNB filled in about 1.5 hours)
  • Coingecko registration in less than 24 hours after the public launch
  • CoinMarketCap and listing in less than 48 hours after public launch
  • Paid over $84,000 to his community in dividends in just 9 days
  • Community testimonials submitted showing dividends earned amounting to 1BNB in ​​just 9 days
  • Several integrated crypto influencers (Crypto Zeus, Jim Crypto, Steven Clarke, Zaka Signals, etc.)
  • Achieved top trending rankings on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and
  • Over 1000 token holders reached in just 2 weeks.
  • 44% of total supply burned with 6% to be burned gradually, making supply more limited and proportionally more valuable.

AltSwitch attributes

AltSwitch is powered by its core values ​​that form its acronym: Authenticity, Longevity, Transparency, Security, Broad Range, Integrity, Technology, Customer-centric and Humanity. These attributes combine to make AltSwitch a people-focused project.

AltSwitch protocol

Automated Universal Rewards Protocol: AltSwitch rewards any wallet with the holder’s preferred cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain.

Dividend tracking: Through its additional smart contract, AltSwitch tracks each holder’s dividends and provides them with accurate information such as the total rewards paid out about their rewards.

Automated liquidity acquisition: Cryptocurrencies depend on liquidity. Thus, it ensures the stability and durability of a cryptocurrency, two essential factors for the longevity of any project.

Operation portfolio: All of AltSwitch’s operations such as design, development, and marketing are funded through this wallet.

Anti-Whale Dump Technology: Investors benefit from a level playing field by preventing wealthy investors from massively selling volumes. This decision protects the AltSwitch community.

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