Apps that Connect Instagram Influencers and Superfans – The Information


Meta Platforms is already waging a high-profile battle to stop TikTok from draining audiences from its best-known apps, Instagram and Facebook. Now Meta must respond to another set of competitors who are more quietly beginning to nip at his heels.

Increasingly, Instagram influencers are encouraging their most passionate followers to meet on other platforms, such as Discord, Patreon, Telegram and an up-and-coming app, Geneva, where they can have deeper online discussions. or pay to access it. to bonus content. Deb Smikle, a designer known for posting photos of her outfits and videos reacting to online trends, is one of them.

Around this time last year, Smikle, who has around 90,000 followers on Instagram and nearly a million subscribers on YouTube, began encouraging fans to join a chat group on the popular app. Discord chatroom due to the stilted nature of conversations in public comments. sections on his social media posts. Now Smikle’s community on Discord, which is free to join, is over 13,800 people, who gather in private chat rooms to do everything from sharing photos of their pets to recommending topics. which Smikle can make videos on in the future.


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