Bajrang Dal vandalizes settings at Ashram 3 in Bhopal, says web series “hurts Hindu feelings”



On Sunday, a group of Bajrang Dal members went wild on the set of Prakash Jha’s web series. The famous filmmaker’s face has been smeared with ink on the Bhopal set.

The incident was captured by eyewitnesses on cellphones, where members of Bajrang Dal chased after the crew members, managing to grab at least one of them and hit him mercilessly with a lamp stand. made of metal.

Members of the right-wing group reportedly claimed that Jha’s “Ashram” web series with Bobby Deol was an attack on Hinduism and hurt the feelings of the community. They claimed that filming would not resume until the title was changed.

Adding to the complaint, another group leader said Jha has yet to file a complaint about it and assured that he will change the name of the series.

A crowd of Bajrang Dal members shouted slogans like “Prakash Jha Murdabad”, “Bobby Deol Murdabad” and “Jai Shri Ram”.

“They created Ashram 1, Ashram 2 and filmed Ashram 3 here. Prakash Jha showed the Ashram that the guru mistreated women. Does he have the guts to make such a film about a church or a madrasa? Who does he think he is? ”Said Sushil Sudeley, head of Bajrang Dal.

In the attack, the windshields of two crew buses were shattered by stone throws, police told PTI News Agency. Police Superintendent (SP) South Bhopal Sai Krishna Thota said some people had raised objections and organized protests against the name of the web series while its filming was underway in the former prison located in Arera Hills. Protesters also threw ink at Prakash Jha and threw stones, the officer added.

He added that immediately after the incident, police personnel arrived at the scene and brought the situation under control. No one has been arrested in this regard so far, he said.

Bajrang Dal State President Sushil Surhele said activists in his organization would not allow the filming of “Ashram” in Bhopal. “Prakash Jha has wrongly portrayed the arrangements in a Hindu ashram in previous seasons by showing the exploitation of women by gurus. There have been ashrams in the Sanatan Dharma for the past thousand years which have played an important role in building social values. There is no truth to what was shown in this web series, “he said. Will Jha dare to do such a web series on other religions, he said. demand.

“We have blackened the face of Prakash Jha and are looking for Bobby Deol, who is expected to learn from his older brother Sunny Deol (Bollywood actor and BJP MP), who has played roles in patriotic films,” he added. . issued in the name of Prakash Jha.

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