Bank messenger who used to wash cups shocks ex-boss as she goes back to school, becomes a banker

  • An executive of a major bank recently met a lady who was a courier at one of the branches of the bank where he works
  • But the lady’s story has changed because she’s no longer the tea girl who washed mugs and delivered coffee mugs to senior executives.
  • She had gone back to school and had studied and become a banker, in the same bank where she was a tea girl

A senior bank executive has told of the shock he felt when he ran into a girl who was once a courier at a branch where he worked. But the girl returned to school, developed and became a marketer at the same bank.

The man, Amaechi Okobi, said he recently met Gloria who was serving as a tea girl in her placed job, but she has undergone major transformations.

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The bank messenger causes a stir after returning to school and returning to work at the same bank
Amachi Okobi and Gloria. Photo credit: LinkedIn/Amaechi Okobi
Source: UGC

The girl has changed

He said he couldn’t recognize her anymore. Telling the story, Amaechi wrote on LinkedIn:

“A few years ago, in our old building, a teapot was assigned to my floor. Her name was Gloria and her job was to serve tea, wash used cups, make sure those who had flasks had a steady supply of hot water and a few other things the role of a tea girl required.She was always in my office.We talked often and she told me about her hopes and aspirations.

Fast forward to today. I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Lekki branch near Avalon’s house on the Admiralty. Gloria recognizes me. Gloria now works at @myaccessbank as an employee. Since the last time I saw her, she had ticked all the boxes and there she was – from tea girl to employee.”

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“I am amazed and could not be more proud of this young woman. She tells me that she is a marketer in charge of recruiting the bank’s customers. Her tray had been replaced by account opening forms and a iPad.”

Many who reacted to the post on LinkedIn praised the girl for her resilience. In his reaction, Henry Otaigbe shared a similar story. He wrote in the comments section:

“That’s great. Reminds me of another great guy by the name of Yke. He started out as a cleaner in a bank, then became a bulk bill counter as a contract employee, got up to date , became a full-time employee, continued to work very hard, changed roles several times, each becoming more intensive, and later became the bond trader of the same bank. an asset management company in Nigeria.

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