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SensorTower recently put together its list of the best apps in the world for October 2021, which reveals many understandable locations and a few surprise entries.

The list of top apps is put together by compiling download data from the App Store and Google Play Store, which make up the majority of app downloads on iOS and Android devices. The most downloaded applications, which are also the best applications, are then divided into three distinct categories based on downloads: a list of the ten best applications comprising the most downloaded applications in all areas; a list of the top ten most downloaded apps from the App Store (for iOS apps); and finally, the ten most downloaded apps from the Google Play Store (for Android apps). Now let’s take the time to go through the entries, commenting on some of the more interesting entries on our list.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok was the most downloaded app in both app stores and also held the top spot in the App Store ranking. While not number one on the Play Store, it still enjoys a comfortable third place. It all adds up, really; TikTok is considered the darling of young people, and even their most definitive feature in pop culture. Imagine an app defining an entire generation, much like hippie culture did in the 70s, or Saturday morning cartoons in the 90s. After numbers 2, 3, and 4, here’s what I do. likes to call the Meta trio: Instagram at number two, Facebook at three and WhatsApp at four. Instagram and Facebook also occupy the number one and two positions on the Play Store respectively.

Apple has a bigger audience in the West than elsewhere, and the West is also an oversaturated place, and frankly, made with Facebook and WhatsApp. On the flip side, a platform like TikTok has seen many bans outside of the West, with large audiences such as India and much of the Middle East banning the use of TikTok outright. This may explain its drop a few steps in the Play Store category.

Meesho is a fun entry on our list. The app holds the eighth position out of the top ten apps in the list of two app stores. However, it is completely absent from App Store listings and only holds number seven on the Play Store. This shows how massive Android devices have an audience, as one low-ranking app that wasn’t even considered important in the App Store’s ranking system still made it to the overall top ten.

In other unsurprisingly news, Telegram, Snapchat, and Messenger continue to do well, taking up five, six, and seven spots overall. However, all three are only found in the top ten of the Play Store, as the App Store has decided not to bother.

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