Batman Family Adventures Webtoon Gets Live Action Web Series



The cast of Wayne Family Adventures are seated around the dinner table with Batman.

Just a casual family dinner.
Screenshot: Starbite, Lan Ma, Jean Kim. Kielame Sibal, DC Comics, Webtoon

Although Wayne Family Adventures, CC and Webtoonweekly comic strip following the adventures of Batman and his unruly children, only started posting online a few weeks ago, the Webtoon-exclusive series quickly racked up the sort of gargantuan readership that mainstream comic book publishers dream of.

Simply put, people read Wayne Family Adventures, and seemingly loving what the show’s creative team has to offer, which makes the latest startling news make some sense. sense. While this year’s Batman Day, Ismahawk production house announced (via IGN) a series of live short films adapted from Wayne Family Adventures it’s fixed studio debutthe YouTube channel of.

Duke, Dick, Cassandra, Barbara and Stephanie reunite to train at Wayne Manor.

Screenshot: Ismahawk, DC, Webtoons / IGN

Jonathan Bentley takes the lead Wayne family adventureis the titular patriarch of the Batfamily of Gotham who warmly welcomes newcomer Duke Thomas (Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegal), a young metahuman, to their ranks shortly after he begins patrolling the city . Among Bruce’s children, Dick Grayson (Yoshi Sudarso) has the most experience working and being raised by the Dark Knight, which is why it’s easy for him to see others like Jason Todd (Tim Neff), Tim Drake (Peter Sudarso) and Damian Wayne (Carter Rockwood) as his younger siblings. Like the comic, the Ismahawk series will also include versions of Barbara Gordon (Lisa Foiles), Stephanie Brown (Meghan Camarena), Cassandra Cain (Gemma Nguyen), and Alfred Pennyworth (Marcus Weiss).

Also similar to the comics, the live-action series will be more comedic than bam, smack, pow, as it focuses more on the interpersonal dynamics of Batfamily during their downtime rather than their superheroes, which which will immediately distinguish it from others Batkid-obsessed projects like HBO Max’s Titans. Will Ismahawk continue to broadcast more Wayne Family Adventures shorts beyond that first trio of episodes will likely depend on how well the videos perform after their mid-October debut.

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