Battlegrounds Mobile India Patch Changes Spider-Man’s Web Shooter Mechanics


Battlegrounds Mobile India has rolled out a new patch for the game. This new patch changes a few settings of the new Spider-Man Web Shooters which were added to the game earlier this month. Krafton is also trying to address other issues with the new patch, including many bugs that players have reported with the new BGMI 1.8.0 update.

The new patch reduces the cooldown of web shooters, allowing players to use the ability more frequently. Where the cooldown was previously locked at 7 seconds, it has now been reduced to 3 seconds, allowing BGMI players to use web shooters over twice as much in the time allowed.

Meanwhile, the 3 second cooldown for changing web shooters in Game Theme mode has now been removed entirely.

“Furthermore, we are closely reviewing reported bugs and fixing them. We would like to apologize once again for the inconvenience. For fixed bugs, we will continuously notify you through a notice,” said Krafton in the notice.

How to update your game

To update Battlegrounds Mobile India on your phone, players can update the game to the latest January v1.8.0 by visiting Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Skip this step if you are already using the latest version.

Once done, simply open the game and you should be prompted to download the latest version of the game, along with the patch. Once done, simply restart the game and the changes will take effect.


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