Best Ad Blocker Apps for Your Android Device in 2022


Using ad blocker apps is an effective way to block ads on Android devices. So, let’s take a look at the best ad blocker apps for Android. There are several methods you can choose from to block ads on an Android device. However, it is difficult to determine which is the best option. People are more likely to trust an ad blocker they’ve heard of. An ad blocker is designed to block unwanted ads that appear when you use your Android phone. For example, you are likely to see advertisements when browsing the Internet.

Also, lots of advertisements appear on the screen when playing video games. Likewise, you will probably get those annoying ads on your phone screen when watching your favorite video content. Now, there is no shortage of ad blockers, but they have pros and cons. So, deciding which one is right for you can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best ad blocking apps for Android. Our list will help you determine which is the best option for you.

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Let’s take a look at the fastest way to block ads on your Android device. First, go to system settings, then network and internet. From there navigate to Private DNS where you need to select the hostname of the private DNS provider. Now all you have to do is type “” and click save. This will block all advertising on your websites and apps. Also, this option does not affect the phone’s battery. However, this is a system-wide ad blocker. Thus, you cannot whitelist specific apps or websites. You must disable the option entirely.


Using NextDNS to block ads on your Android device involves entering a custom hostname in the Android setting mentioned above. However, you can choose which apps and websites can still show ads from their website. Also, you don’t need to download any app to block ads. All you need to register on their website is an email address and a password. Moreover, you can add more security features to prevent cyberattacks and other online threats.

You can switch between different blocklists. For example, you can choose a dynamic ad, etc. This is a useful feature given that cyberattacks have become common. To recap, a hospital in Paris was hit by a cyber attack in 2020. Notably, NextDNS lets you block your own phone’s OEM from tracking you. However, you can only do this if you are using a Huawei, Xiaomi or Samsung smartphone. Also, you can use the parental control feature to block specific apps and websites on your Android device.

Moreover, you can schedule a time when these blocked apps and websites will be accessible. NextDNS has an allowlist where you can add domains for websites and apps you don’t want to block. You can even monitor the number of blocked. Additionally, you can view analytics to determine the type of domains you have accessed. NextDNS offers all of these features without even requiring you to download an app. However, you can add a shortcut to NextDNS on your home screen for faster access.


AdGuard is an excellent ad blocker app for Android. It adds myriad layers of protection but consumes a lot of power. So, use AdGuard if you don’t mind the extra battery drain. It blocks ads on your apps, as well as on your browser. Moreover, AdGuard is the only ad blocker that gets rid of the space where the ad has been placed. As a result, websites look cleaner. Most ad blockers display a large black web where the ad was placed. Also, you can select which apps you want AdGuard to ignore.

AdGuard interface

You can even apply DNS filtering using custom server selections. Additionally, you can enable stealth mode to protect your personal information. However, you must pay the subscription fee before you start blocking ads. NextDNS, on the other hand, starts charging fees once you hit 300,000 DNS queries in a month.

Rethink DNS

RethinkDNS does a pretty good job of blocking ads on your browser and apps. Also, you don’t need to pay any subscription fees. There are also no in-app purchases. However, RethinkDNS does not remove empty spaces. Nevertheless, it has a firewall to restrict applications that attempt to access the Internet. You can block all apps and select specific apps to access the internet. This will prevent apps from using the internet when locked or idle.

Rethinking the DNS interface

This is a great feature considering that some apps can turn out to be malicious if left unmonitored or restricted. Additionally, the feature restricts access to any app that does not require internet access to function. it also lets you add any DNS server you want. To recap, Google removed 1.2 million Android apps earlier this year to protect the privacy of its users. All RethinkDNS code is open source and free software. You can find solutions to problems with the RethinkDNS app on their active Telegram group.

Slim blocking

Blokada Slim sports an eye-catching interface. Also, it offers an array of blocklists for you to choose from. So you can choose more than one blocklist. Moreover, it has a wide range of DNS hosts that you can join. Other than that, Blokada Slim is no different from other apps. it comes with a built-in VPN, but using it is optional.

Blokada Slim interface
This is a totally free open source project. You can find their active community on Telegram. Their Telegram channel is usually updated monthly.


So here is our list of the best ad blocking apps for Android. There are several ad blocking apps you can choose from. However, each app offers different features and functionality. Notably, NextDNS doesn’t even require you to download an app. however, it is recommended to create a chrome shortcut for easier access. Additionally, you can change a setting using your phone. NextDNS also does not reduce battery life.

However, you can opt for AdGuard if you want additional protection. Also, it removes empty advertising spaces. Finally, if you’re looking for a free ad blocking app that actually works, RethinkDNS and Blokada Slim might fill the bill. However, these ad blocking apps consume a lot of battery life.


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