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About the best Chrome apps

Google Chrome is my favorite browser. Not only is it fast, but it also has a lot of features and extensions that give it an edge over all other browsers on the market. One of the most underrated features of Google Chrome is its ability to support apps.

Chrome are special plugins that allow Google Chrome to do special things. For example, you can use Chrome extensions to control downloads, save articles offline, change the look of Chrome, and more. Chrome apps, on the other hand, let you run apps developed in Chrome. A better example is native Chrome apps like Google Drive and Docs.

Check out the list of the best Chrome apps


Polarr is a free, cross-platform application. This image editor can be used for deep color correction and basic facial skin adjustments. Polarr can be considered as one of the best free photo editors. Its design is more intuitive and accessible than complex programs like Photoshop.

Among the tools you will find curves, HSLs, presets, custom filters, and more. A nice bonus will be additional workspace for the artists. There you can create projects from scratch, draw pictures, or design web pages using dozens of customizable brushes and palettes.


Sketchpad by is a website that allows users to draw, doodle, and sketch. After loading the website, users can click tools in the menu on the left side of the screen to add content. To get started, users can click on the writing utensil and choose the one they want to use from the drop-down menu. Users can then click on the “Ink Drop” icon to choose the color they wish to use. At this point, users can click in the on-screen drawing area and drag the cursor to start drawing.

Users can continue to add content to their design by clicking the “T” button to add text, the “Star” button to add shapes, and the “Smiley” icon to add clipart, among other options. If users want to draw on their own images, they can import an image by clicking the “File Folder +” icon and then selecting the image on their computer. Sketchpad will then insert the image and users can add content to it using the tools described above.

Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint online

Microsoft Office Online can serve as a free alternative to MS Office, allowing you to edit and share files created in a word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation program, as well as access Outlook and OneNote. Everything done through the online version of Office is done through a web browser and is saved online, so you can access the files from anywhere.

When you visit and sign in with your Microsoft account, a menu, like the one you see above, provides access to all of the apps available to you. This is how you access Excel online, Word, Outlook, etc. When you select an app, you’ll be immediately taken to it, where you can create and edit files that are already in your account, and upload new ones. For example, Excel Online has a Download and Open button where you can select an XLS, XLSX, XLB, CSV or any other compatible file from your computer.

calm writer

If you work as a writer and use your computer for most of your projects, you probably understand how sometimes you can be distracted by various things, reducing your productivity. Fortunately, it is possible to turn to specialized software solutions that can provide you with distraction-free text editing environments. One of them is Calmly Writer.

Please note that in order to install and run this program on your computer, you must first provide it with Google Chrome. This program comes with a simple and easy to use interface that includes a handful of intuitive functions, which you can easily interact with, as they are also neatly organized in the main window.

All-in-one messaging

All-in-One Messenger combines chat and messaging services in one app. Use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype and many more in one app! You can even use multiple instances of a messenger, for example WhatsApp, Slack or Facebook, making it the perfect tool to manage multiple business accounts at the same time.

All-in-One Messenger doesn’t read anything you write, send or receive! It doesn’t even store any of your login information anywhere. Each messenger lives in its own tab, which other messengers cannot access. This is what makes it possible to use several accounts (Skype for example) at the same time.

Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is a system that lets you read eBooks in an Internet browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It has the ability to read comics, e-books, and all kinds of digital content purchased from Amazon. Since there is no app to download, it is good for people to read books while working in school.

Initially, the Cloud Reader was optimized for Safari on iPhone and iPad. It gave you the option to sign in with your Kindle account and purchase e-books. Whenever a purchase was made, its Whispersync technology also added the book to its Kindle app. Within a few years, Amazon started adding more browsers and today it supports almost all of them, including the new Microsoft Edge.

Todoist for Chrome

Todoist offers three levels of service: Free, Premium ($ 4 per month or $ 36 per year), and Business ($ 6 per person per month or $ 60 per person per year). The company offers discounts to students, educators, and nonprofits.

The free account provides more than enough experience, but retains some features that you might want. This version lacks reminders, labels, filters, different color themes for the interface and the ability to comment on tasks and upload files. With a free account, you can collaborate with up to 5 people per project and manage up to 80 projects. If you use Todoist for your personal to-do list and maybe some shared-to-do lists for a home, the free version may be right for you.


Torrenting is a great way to download files, the Linux community has long embraced Bit Torrent as a great way to distribute files through sites like, and there are plenty of places to download copyrighted media. copyright on the Internet. . A torrent extension had eluded me on the Chrome Web Store until I came across a Reddit thread pointing out the existence of JSTorrent.

Once installed, the client works great, but with a few tweaks to how you normally get torrents. I tried downloading the torrent file and then dragging it to the client, but it didn’t work.


Pocket works well to save it for later application. If you are strictly looking for this feature, you will be satisfied. However, if you are looking for a bookmarks app with more powerful features, Pocket is unresponsive. It lacks features like tab pausing, tab management, and collaboration (for example, if your team wants to add bookmarks for a shared project or knowledge base).

And that brings us to an important point: Pocket is not a workplace. Instead, it feels like a place to get away from work. If you’re looking for an app that you can use during working hours, read on for a few alternative options. If you are using a Pocket PC, we will show you how the application works below.


Kami being an open tool, the possibilities of use are diverse and powerful. While it can be tempting, teachers should avoid using Kami as a worksheet replacement tool because the opportunities for deeper learning are more engaging. Students can look at a work of art or literature, write a review, and compare their review with those published. Or they can annotate a poem with historical documents and supporting images to gain contextual understanding.

Students can easily demonstrate their understanding of the writing process through peer editing or desktop publishing, while teachers add comments through the Comments feature. And weekly annotations for articles on hot topics allow students to interact with the text and spark interesting class discussions.

Final words: the best Chrome apps

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