Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks to Use Like a Pro of 2022


This list is all about the best tips and tricks for Signal Messenger to use it like a pro. We’ll do our best for you to understand this list of the best tips and tricks for Signal Messenger to use it like a pro. I hope you like this list Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks to Use Like a Pro. So let’s start:

About the Best Signal Messenger Tips and Tricks to Use Like a Pro

The privacy-focused messaging app Signal has seen a huge influx of installs recently, thanks to the shift of WhatsApp due to new privacy policy concerns. While it’s pretty straightforward, Signal comes with a lot of different features that you might want to explore.

Signal doesn’t have a comparable user base when it attacks companies like Facebook and even Telegram. But it brings something very fundamental to the conversations. In a world where privacy breaches and covert collection of user data have become the norm, Signal offers an “unexpected approach to privacy,” as the company itself put it.

The messaging app is open source, comes with end-to-end encryption, and offers various privacy features that you won’t find anywhere else. Signal is a fairly straightforward messaging app with a straightforward learning curve. At the same time, it has tons of features that give it an edge over WhatsApp and other similar messaging apps.

Check out the list of the best tips and tricks to make Signal Messenger use it like a pro

Disable the “Contact Sign Joined” notification

If the constant “Contact Join Signal” notification bothers you, don’t worry, you can turn it off immediately. Just tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. Now open notifications and scroll down. Here, under “Events”, uncheck the option “Contact signal attached”. That’s it.

Similar to Telegram, Signal notifies you whenever a contact joins the platform. Since so many people are signing up for Signal, you might be bothered by constant notifications.

Blurry faces when sending photos

When sharing pictures, you might not want to show other people’s faces in the photo, as it is always best not to share other people’s pictures without their consent. This is where you can use Signal’s smart face blur tool to blur faces in your photo.

Recently, Signal announced a new feature that will further improve user privacy. Now, with just a tap, you can automatically blur faces in Signal before sharing images. It will help you protect your identity, especially when the facial surveillance system is on the rise in the world.

To use this awesome Signal hack, just select your image and tap the “Blur” icon at the top. Now turn on the switch for “Face Blur” and you’re done. If you think the software did not detect the face well, you can also manually blur it.

Block chat screenshots

Signal Messenger comes with a handy privacy feature called “Screen Security”. When enabled, a blue privacy screen will appear with the Signal logo to hide your chats in the recent menu. Also, it will prevent screenshots of chats on your phone.

Signal Messenger has a handy privacy feature called “Screen Security”. When enabled, a blue privacy screen will appear with the Signal logo to hide your chats in the recent menu. Also, it will avoid the screenshots of the chats on your phone.

Of the many features of the Signal app, I especially like this one. Similar to Snapchat, you can prevent users from taking screenshots of chats or anything else in the app. In fact, you can’t even take a screenshot of the Recents menu, which is great. Signal offers this feature so that information is not passed on to other users without their consent. To activate this feature, open Settings by tapping on the “profile icon” and navigate to “Privacy”. Here turn on “Screen Security” and you’re done.

Relay calls

In addition to text messages, Signal also allows you to make voice and video calls. However, voice calls can reveal your IP address to the caller on the other end, which some people may want to avoid. In this case, you can go to Settings> Privacy and enable “Always forward calls”.

This is one of Signal’s best tricks and again for users who want extremely tight security for private communications. It allows you to forward all your calls through the Signal server so that your IP address is not revealed to your contacts. They will only be able to see the Signal IP address that protects their identity. However, be aware that this will slightly reduce call quality due to network tunneling.

Ultimately, if you value privacy over performance, you should definitely use this feature. Simply open the Settings page and navigate to “Privacy”. In the “Communication” section, activate “Always forward calls” and you are done. Once activated, Signal will route your calls through Signal’s servers to avoid revealing your IP address to your contact. Be aware that this may reduce the quality of the call.

Activate the incognito keyboard

Signal has included another useful privacy feature called Incognito Keyboard. This feature prompts supported keyboards like GBoard to turn on Incognito mode and turn off personalized learning and smart suggestions while typing in the Signal app.

One of Signal’s top tips is the incognito keyboard, and you should definitely use it. If you’re worried about the keyboard learning and customizing its serve based on your typing behavior, you can ask Signal to apply the keyboard incognito. I tried this feature using Gboard on Signal and it worked.

It will also prevent the keyboard from saving your typing history or adding data to the user dictionary. To turn it on, go to Signal settings> Privacy. Here, turn on the switch for the incognito keyboard.

Activate dark mode

Dark mode is all the rage right now, from WhatsApp to Chrome, everything has embraced the dark side. So how can Signal fall behind? Well, Signal has a built-in dark mode and you can easily turn it on from the Settings page. Go to the “Appearance” menu and press “Theme”. Choose “Dark” and you are good to go.

Delete old messages

Signal provides a useful tip for keeping the chat box tidy and cleaning up device storage. You can choose to delete old messages once the talk time limit is exceeded. For example, if a chat exceeds 500 messages, the oldest messages will be automatically deleted.

The best part is that you can even choose the message limit and cut conversations with just one click. To use this feature, open the Settings page from “profile icon” and navigate to “Storage”. Here, turn on the toggle for “Delete old messages” and you can customize other options as well.

Create a local backup

By default, Signal does not create a backup (local or in the cloud) for security reasons. However, if you want to create a local backup of your Signal messages and media, you have the option to do so. Open the Signal settings page and tap “Chats & Media”. Here, activate “Chat saves” and you will receive a passphrase.

The local backup is encrypted with this passphrase, so write it down carefully as you will need it to restore the backup. Finally, check the box and press “Activate backups”

Delete sent messages

Accidentally send a message to the wrong cat? Returns are now allowed. When deleting a recently sent message, you now have the option to delete for everyone in the chat.

Well, you can delete the sent messages, but the messages sent 3 hours ago will not be deleted. This is a signal defined restriction, but there is no time limit if you are on Telegram Messenger.

Send messages that disappear

The disappearance message was still present on Telegram and recently WhatsApp introduced this feature as well. The message will disappear from your devices after the time expires. Messages that disappear are useful when you don’t want another user to save your data.

WhatsApp recently introduced Disappearing Messages on its platform. And luckily, we already have it in Signal Private Messenger. You can send self-destructing messages to other people in the app.

This is not for situations where your contact is your opponent; after all, if someone who receives a disappearing message really wants to keep track of it, they can always use another camera or screen recorder to take a photo / video of the screen before the message. disappears.

Set up a screen lock

Signal has a screen lock feature, so even if your phone is unlocked, you will need to be able to access the phone through a PIN or your phone’s biometric lock to open the Signal app. So even if you give your phone to someone for some reason, they won’t be able to see your messages.

To do this, go to Settings> Privacy> Activate screen lock

Block the Signal app

The Signal app comes with a built-in screen lock. You can lock it with your Android phone’s lock screen PIN, password or fingerprint if you want to add another layer of security for your chats.

Signal will now ask you for your PIN or fingerprint every time you try to open it. Make sure to set a desired lock screen inactivity timeout, preferably 30 seconds or one minute. You can also manually block it from the persistent notification in the notification bar.

Final Words: Top Tips and Tricks to Get Signal Messenger to Use It Like a Pro

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