Best Video Chat Apps on Android


Social messaging is an integral part of online activity; most of the time, you can dial in and out of calls, text anyone in the world, and send private media on different channels. Many companies have even adopted platforms for connecting socially, and your friends/family probably already have more than a few dozen social apps on their phones. Finding a platform to message is incredibly easy, but that’s not necessarily true for video chat, due to worries about pesky participant limits, poor server connections, and lack of fluidity to enter and exit calls. So, to help point you in the right direction, we’ve rounded up the most useful social messaging apps designed to deliver the best video chatting and messaging experiences on your favorite Android phones.


Google Meet

Currently one of the best apps for video calling with large crowds; calls you make on Google Meet offer little to no lag, and the sound/video quality is excellent. Anyone with a Google account can create a session that holds 100 people for an hour, and all you have to do is share the link created by the host to get started. Google Meet includes a photo taking mode and a built-in family mode where you can doodle and add fun masks/effects while on a call. If you want a larger calling experience big enough to accommodate larger businesses and schools, you can subscribe to a Google Workspace plan to host a call with 500 participants and 100,000 viewers. Google Meet replaces the old Google Duo app, but still delivers a great experience tailored to your personal life, workplace, and community.


Viber is an all-in-one social app where you can text and video call with your contacts, use end-to-end encryption for messages and audio video calls, and make calls to landlines and low-cost mobiles via VoIP. You can select any of your contacts for video calls or start a group video call with 39 other participants, which is way more than most! Viber is a fantastic alternative to Telegram and Whatsapp, ensuring full accessibility and privacy for every call you make.


Sometimes you don’t have a lot of free time to manage and organize your meetings; this is where Zoom comes in handy. Zoom is similar to Google Meet, except anyone can join the Zoom meeting if they have the invite link (no account is required to join when joining via the web version). You can set your video conferencing calls to HD, up to 720p by default or 1080p for paid accounts. Another cool feature is the ability to record meetings through the Zoom cloud app. This way you can view, share and download the recording whenever it suits you. Never miss a work meeting or an interview again!


If you value privacy and speed in all your activities, including file sharing and social messaging, Telegram is one of the best social apps you can get your hands on. Telegram syncs across devices so you can seamlessly transport your social activity from device to device. You don’t have to worry about file limits, and you can freely store your entire chat history without taking up space on your device (everything goes on Telegram’s cloud storage). But the highlight of Telegram is how everything is encrypted, including video calls. For video chat, you can set portrait and landscape, initiate group calls, and set an overlay while browsing other apps on your phone. Telegram is also completely free and open source, which means other developers can use the API to implement it on other apps. There’s even a dedicated desktop app, which is increasingly rare these days.


Maybe you’re looking to shake things up, but you don’t have many pre-established communities and friends to connect with socially (or you have some but are looking for more). If you’re ready to put yourself out there to meet new people, you can do it with Tango. Tango strives to be a haven for live streaming; you can connect and interact with live streamers around the world, but if you still want to use the essential video calling tools for your contacts, Tango takes care of that too.​​​​​​​


Suppose you are looking for a secure messaging app where you want a simple video call option for your personal contacts. Whatsapp can only accommodate 8 participants at a time, which is perfect if all you’re after is a quick face-to-face chat with family and friends who might be travelling, especially when Whatsapp is so popular that many l have already installed. Overall, Whatsapp is a solid and secure messaging app to add to your library, and you’ll probably have no trouble finding other users.


Discord is another all-in-one social messaging app where you can join communities, integrate voice channels, join group chats, and participate in one-to-one calls. You can stream using 720p by default or pay for higher resolution at 1080p with more FPS as a Nitro user. You can host video calls in server channels or through contact messaging. Discord offers plenty, whether you’re looking for a personalized experience with a small group of friends, joining a study group or class, or just playing in a community.

light messenger

Messenger Lite is the lite version containing all the basic features of Facebook’s messenger app. Installing on Android is also only a handful of MB, which is always a bonus for storage space. The video call is made by selecting a conversation/contact and initiating a call; If you want to switch to video in the middle of your audio call, it’s pretty easy to do while you’re in the app. However, it does not have all the features of the full version, but it is enough to make face-to-face calls with your friends and family for sure.​​​​​​​

Valuing your social privacy

It’s not easy to select your primary video messaging app when there are so many to choose from, but figuring out what you need from an app is how you’ll know which one best suits your lifestyle. One thing to note is that the best social messaging apps use end-to-end encryption to protect your conversations, which means no one can spy on your conversation, and your privacy is just as important (even more) online than offline. That being said, if you are still unsure which app to choose, check out the security and protection measures of those apps first.


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