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BHOPAL: Online betting rackets seem to be seeping into Bhopal quickly and easily. According to the police, “advertisements” for satta sites and applications are sent on social networks at random numbers to attract young people.
Bhopal police are monitoring these messages and sources to rule betting rackets.
“The link to place bets is sent directly by the bookmakers to their customers. Bookies change locations every three or four days to avoid police attention. In the cases that were dismantled earlier, the police discovered that these rackets were operated from a primary ID card which is operated by kingpins who could be from anywhere in India or the outside the country, ”said a police officer.
Senior cops said that even though a bookie is booked, the law is not strict and the defendant can be bailed out from the police station himself. They are neither detained nor placed in police custody.
Speaking on the online racquet modus operandi, ASP (Zone-1) Ankit Jaiswal said: “Bets can be placed on specific websites or software, which can be developed for around Rs 8-10 lakhs. Sometimes apps or websites cost as little as Rs 3-4 lakhs. It is said that software developers in Mumbai, NOida and even Indore design these kind of websites.
“Online sattas work like a pyramid scheme,” he explained, adding, “Websites and software developed by kingpins, which exploit Master IDs. Master IDs are supposed to accept all Betting. Kingpin sublets “sub-master IDs” to commission bookmakers across the country, who advertise the betting website on social media platforms to attract customers. who wish to place prepaid bets online »
ASP Jaiswal said customers are given a link with a limit based on the money they paid. They can place their bets from their allotted limit. Even if a client wins or loses, the bookmaker always receives a commission, which is why he finds it lucrative to attract more and more people into racketeering. He said that today, bookmakers have created groups on Telegram and other social media platforms where they advertise their betting options to attract customers.
During a racket bust, only local bookies are arrested, while kingpins stay safe.
In April 2019, city police dismantled 4-5 online websites including, – the online satta was operated through these by Dubai managers known as “Super Master” name of websites.
They have made Bhopal bookmakers “Masters” and assigned them credentials and rights to accept bets on IPL matches. Customers and clients come last in the chain. The betting rates were decided by the Dubai Super Masters.
They had made the Bhopal-based defendant “Masters” and assigned them identification and the rights to accept bets on IPL matches. Customers or customers were the last in the chain. The betting prices were decided from Dubai by the Super Masters and the Masters operated in Bhopal to accept the bets. In another case, the Piplani police dismantled a betting racket. During the investigation, it was discovered that men from Sehore were racketeering online in Bhopal after taking a link from their manager stationed in Goa. The Goa manager had taken the satta link online from Mumbai.



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