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NEW DELHI, INDIA/ACCESSWIRE/October 31, 2022/ BlockchainPressMediaa leading web3 marketing agency, is transforming the marketing landscape for new web3 ventures, providing full-service crypto marketing strategies with a data-driven approach to help them with a range of marketing and advertising services.

BPM offers teams a wide range of services to help them prepare for product or service launches or grow and expand their marketing and advertising efforts to maximize user acquisition. BlockchainPressMedia is a data-driven team with extensive experience in a variety of projects. As a result, BPM provides its clients with the expertise and resources they need to develop an effective marketing strategy and achieve their expanding business goals.

Founded in 2018, BPM is a team of growth marketers, strategists, creative writers, and designers who help cryptocurrency brands around the world unlock rapid growth. Its 270+ clients include industry leaders such as Paxo Finance, Bulliverse and PlotX, as well as exciting new projects in NFT, Metaverse and DeFi.

In response to a question about how the BPM team works, one member explained that “we create integrated strategic plans to help brands achieve their goals while gaining maximum media exposure for their brands.” To achieve this, BPM partners with the best media channels, investors and influencers. This involves setting up a social media team to handle all communication, a graphic design team to create the brand’s visual identity, a community team to interact with the community and an advertising team to reach the public and to make the product or service as accessible as possible to customers.”

The company currently focuses on Web3.0 projects, delivering brand messaging, PR strategies, media relations, thought leadership and brand awareness. The brand helped them build their social media presence from the ground up, resulting in a 200-300% increase in traffic, allowing them exposure across all channels like never before.

BPM Founder Akansha Kesarwani said, “The pillars of BPM are measurement and openness. We not only promote the company we partner with, but also their leadership team, showing the world that they are capable leaders in their fields and enhancing their brand. Additionally, we provide ideas for the most insightful and relevant thought leadership publications and media strategies, which help them as they seek future opportunities for collaboration and investment.”

With the help of BPM, dozens of cryptocurrency projects have launched web3 platforms, with coins reaching +150% after launch, increased social media by over 2000% within months, and built communities on Telegram and Discord with over millions of users.

About BPM

As a leading crypto marketing company, BlockchainPressMedia strives to create successful digital solutions by implementing effective data-driven campaigns. BPM offers comprehensive crypto marketing solutions that can help you achieve overall growth across all channels by creating effective strategies that increase your traffic and engagement. BPM is a global crypto marketing agency that connects with leading crypto publications and focuses on managing PR projects and brand awareness.

Media Contact:

Name: Akansha Kesarwani
E-mail: [email protected]

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