Change Signal Messenger Number Without Losing Chats: Here’s How


Signal, the messenger that claims to be much more secure and privacy-centric, has grown in popularity since last year, after the WhatsApp ‘Privacy Policy’ controversy. So much so that many have gone ahead and made Signal their primary texting platform.

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And now, Signal has introduced a new feature allowing Signal users to change account phone number without losing the groups and conversations you have had.

This feature has been part of WhatsApp for a few years now. But it’s great to see it coming to other messaging platforms.

How to change signal number without losing cats

The feature only works if your device is able to send and receive Signal messages on the device using the old number. It also only works if you try to do it on the same device where Signal is already active.

To make this change, go to your Signal profile, followed by Settings (in the case of iOS), then look for the “Account” option. Under Account, click on “Change phone number”.

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The function will warn you that you cannot undo this. Select ‘Continue’ to proceed. Now first enter your old number followed by the new number in both fields and click ‘Continue’ or ‘Done’.

Then confirm the new number and select “Change number”. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

Contacts will soon be notified that you have changed your number and that they need to update their contact.

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