Changing web addresses, a challenge for the cops


Warangal: The increasing availability of Internet data at “cheaper prices” as well as the availability of smartphones have become a boon for the online cricket betting mafia in India. Although there is no genuine data available from the police, it is said that thousands of crore rupees are being kicked by online cricket betting organizers. The majority of cricket betting sites are operated by people residing in metropolitan cities, primarily Mumbai, according to police.

Opening websites, developing special apps (mobile apps), changing old names, and creating new names in place of old ones every three or four months makes it harder for cops to check bets. online on cricket and the three cards. (Teen-Patti) playing in Telangana as well as other parts of the country.

Tip of the iceberg

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The arrest on Monday of two bookies – Madisetty Prasad from Warangal and Abhay Vilas Rao from Yavatmal district in Maharastra state – by Warangal police has highlighted the dynamism of online betting in India. Police seized Rs 2.05 crore in cash, 43 check books with signatures on each sheet and 15 private and public sector bank debit cards from Benami in their possession is just the tip of the business iceberg illegal betting that ruins the lives of many gullible people, especially young people, who are attracted to online betting.

Easy money

“There are many websites in India that organize online betting. They organize cricket betting including 20-20-20 matches, IPLs and test matches. People / clients can place money even on each ball or on or game or a member of the team (batsman or bowler). If the odds of winning are low, the bettor gets high returns. For example, if a bettor puts Rs 2,000 into a team that has little chance of winning the match, he / she gets Rs a lakh in return. If he puts the same money into the team that is more likely to win the game, he gets low returns, ”Warangal Police Commissioner Dr Tarun Joshi said.

20% commission

“As police surveillance of these online / offline betting gangs increases, they are changing website names and IP addresses to keep this activity illegal. The commission for the bookmakers is 20 percent of the income, while the rest is taken by the organizers. The hub of this particular gang dismantled in Hanamkonda is in Mumbai, and we are trying to expose the network and stop the hub by sending our teams there, ”Dr Joshi added.

Lure with double return

“What the organizers are doing is ensuring the victory of people who place less money as bet in the Teen-Patti at first to attract more people. They first pay double the amount of their bet and thus encourage them to bet more amounts later. To make a profit, they deceive people by insuring those who have invested larger amounts, ”CP said. “The circulation of more money among city dwellers also leads to this type of crime,” Joshi added. While the website maintained by accused Abhay Vilas Rao is said to be, there are many websites and apps in India, police said. One of those arrested, Madisetty Prasad, is the agent for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for the ‘nice777’ website, police added.

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