Chirpley – Is Web 3.0 worth the hype?


Web 2.0 spawned a plethora of life-changing applications that most of us still enjoy today. From social giants like Facebook and Twitter to household names like Google Maps and Airbnb, there’s no denying that Web 2.0 has left an indelible mark on the digital landscape. The second generation of Internet services allowed users to interact with online content and helped foster the growth of user-generated content and collaborative online communities.

Of course, every technological advancement has its drawbacks.

The Achilles Heel of Web 2.0

With a centralized platform comes centralized Internet traffic, which blurs users’ personal choice of content. But perhaps the biggest fallout from centralization is compromised privacy, a problem Web 3.0 promises to solve with blockchain-enabled decentralization.

Why Web 3.0 comes out on top

The advent of Web 3.0 inaugurates a new digital era, that of autonomy, interconnection and decentralization. This removes the reliance on a trusted intermediary (although how reliable can a third-party server really be when your data is at its mercy?)

Web 3.0 increases trust, security and privacy by returning data ownership to the user. It also invites users to capitalize on the potential of 3D visuals and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver accurate and fast results.

Chirpley’s place in the Web 3.0 market

Chirpley is a decentralized platform redefining the influencer ecosystem by operating entirely in the interests of its end users: small influencers and marketers who need them.

The radically decentralized Chirpley ecosystem uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology to connect nano and micro-influencers to brands and automate influencer marketing campaigns in a way that no other platform -automated form has only been able to achieve to date.

Running an influencer marketing campaign is time consuming, stressful and inefficient. Until now, no effective method of planning and automating influencer marketing campaigns existed.

But with Chirpley, marketers have the ability to set up a campaign with thousands of smaller influencers, all at once, in minutes.

Chirpley is proud to be at the forefront of the Web 3.0 era and is committed to creating a space that liberates and empowers its users to unleash their full potential.

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