COZ Updates Neon Desktop Wallet with Built-in Asset Migration Function


COZ has released an update for the desktop version of Neon wallet, which adds a built-in asset migration mechanism. A new page has been added to host the functionality that makes it easier to create L3 wallet and allows users to perform Legacy to L3 migration for NEO and GAS tokens.

The new version also includes other improvements: support for Neo Legacy TestNet and a frameless window mode for Windows and Linux devices. A bug found in the private key encryption screen has also been fixed.

The Neon wallet migration procedure follows three simple steps. After signing in with a Legacy wallet and visiting the Migration tab, users are prompted to create a new wallet for N3. Users can then select the assets and quantities they want to migrate, and then provide an N3 public address to use as the recipient. After confirmation, the assets are sent to the burn account to prompt NGD to release assets equivalent to the address on N3.

Although it can now be used for migration, the Neon Wallet cannot be used to participate in governance at this time. To vote for council nodes, users will first need to import their portfolio into NeoLine or O3, each of whom can connect to the voting portal via dAPI. Currently, COZ is working on supporting WalletConnect in Neon, which will provide another way to connect to the voting portal.

The latest version of the Neon wallet can be downloaded from the following link:

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