Facebook launches cross-app group chats between Instagram and Messenger



Facebook has now taken another step forward in making its apps work together. The social media service will now allow you to start group chats between Instagram and Messenger. To use the new cross-app group communication feature, users will need to register. Additionally, “over 70% of eligible people on Instagram have updated the new Messenger experience,” according to Facebook.

Apart from that, Facebook is releasing several other features, including Instagram DM Polls – a similar implementation of the poll feature in Messenger. Additionally, Messenger group typing indicators are now available to let you know when multiple people are typing messages.

Facebook’s cross-app chats to unite apps

Facebook is making changes to DM Messenger and Instagram consistently. Last year, the company introduced cross-app chats and migrated some functionality from Messenger to Instagram. Facebook offers cross-app group chats on its platforms because the the tech giant announced Thursday, which is another step towards the same.

That’s still not all, Facebook is trying to get DM Messenger and Instagram to be completely in sync with each other. You can now view posts and reels with your friends on Instagram using Facebook’s new Watch Together feature.

Messenger chat themes. Source: Facebook

In addition to cross-app group messaging and some chat features, Facebook has added personalization features to Messenger. Therefore, Messenger now supports chat themes for those who like customization and have unique chats. An astrology theme and a “cottagecore” theme are now inspired by J Balvin’s latest album.



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