Facebook Messenger improves payment power and voice messages


In 2019, Facebook rolled out a payment service called Facebook Pay on Facebook and Messenger apps. This feature was an extension of the company’s existing person-to-person payments functionality, with the added bonus that payments were available for the broader suite of Facebook-owned apps. In addition to allowing Facebook users to send and receive money for fundraisers, Facebook Pay has also enabled features such as in-game purchases and event ticket purchases. However, one feature Facebook Pay lacked was the ability to split bills, until now.

The new Split Payments feature is currently rolling out to Facebook Messenger users in the United States. The feature is integrated with Messenger’s group chat functionality and allows users to split bills evenly among chat participants. Here are the steps needed to use the Split Payments feature on Facebook Messenger.

  • Open an existing group chat or create a new group chat on Facebook Messenger
  • Tap the “+” icon and select the “Payments” tab, then tap “Get started.”
  • Select the people you want to split the bill with.
  • The application offers the possibility to split the bill equally between all selected participants or to customize the amount.
  • Once the amount is decided, users also have the option to send a personalized message before payment confirmation.
  • Confirm all necessary payment details and press “Send” to complete the request.

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