Filecoin and Polygon Deploy Interoperable Bridge to Accelerate Web 3 Development



Polygon and Filecoin Announce Intercompatible Bridge and Extend Free Storage to Encourage Development of Web 3 Infrastructure

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2021 / Polygon, a Complete Ethereum Scaling Solution Bringing Mass Adoption to the Ethereum Platform, Today Announced a Cross-Chain Bridge to a Decentralized Storage Network piece of money to accelerate Web 3 interoperability between the two ecosystems. The bridge will connect the Filecoin and Polygon data stores and allow ecosystem projects to use the bridge and storage for free to encourage cross-platform development.

With the majority of Bluechip DeFi Dapps such as Sushiswap, Curve, Aave, Balancer, Kyber already using Polygon as their preferred scaling solution, adding a Polygon-Filecoin bridge was the next logical step to facilitate collaboration. and composability between blockchain-based systems.

The fully functional storage bridge was recently created by the open source IPFS based storage toolkit Textile to create an efficient way for Polygon developers, apps, smart contracts and NFTs to integrate and operate Filecoin-based storage.

Textile’s version offers a fully functional storage bridge that allows developers to efficiently store data for any polygon address without new registrations, secrets, or API keys – a first for the network. The bridge provides a simple, unauthorized storage endpoint for developers and their users of Polygon applications. Currently, it is operational on Polygon’s mainline and Mumbai’s test network. In addition, Textile has a roadmap to gradually increase the usability of the bridge and eventually to decentralize the governance of the bridge.

Juan Benet, Founder of Filecoin, said: “We are delighted that our work with Textile opens up so many breakthroughs for projects to develop the cryptocurrency industry and are delighted that we can now offer Polygon developers access to a Free, decentralized storage. Building an infrastructure to support the growth of Web 3 is key to driving user adoption and improving the user experience. “

Interoperability will enable a host of new Web 3 applications by allowing developers to combine the capabilities of different blockchains to meet their particular needs. Through the inter-chain bridge, Filecoin will bring greater functionality to Polygon applications that require decentralized and verifiable storage. This will be especially relevant for the 170+ and growing NFT and gaming projects that rely on Polygon.

Polygon has become the blockchain of choice for NFTs, NFT marketplaces, and blockchain games. Its ultra low transaction fees and durable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism make Polygon a more convenient and economical option for activities such as NFT typing and trading. Polygon Studios already works with the majority of the best web 3.0 games and blockchain-based NFT projects, including Decentraland, Opensea, Sandbox, Somnium Space, Decentral Games, and offers 5 times more NFT games and Dapps than any other channel in outside of the Ethereum backbone. to around 300+ NFT games and Dapps.

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Co-Founder, said: “Cross-platform compatibility is at the heart of what we try to achieve at Polygon. Interoperability between separate blockchains is just as important as scaling up. these systems – especially as we move towards integrating the next billion users into the Ethereum network and the wider Web 3. ”

“The Filecoin-Polygon Bridge will contribute to this mission by supporting developers through free storage and access to both ecosystems,” Nailwal added.

The Filecoin-Polygon bridge will allow these newly connected communities to create new inter-compatible applications, leading to new types of products suitable for the decentralized world market. Polygon and Filecoin are just starting to explore the possibilities of their respective protocols.

To get started with the bridge deployment on Polygon, simply view the instructions and documentation at: All storage charges using the deck are free.

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