First encrypted and decentralized messaging application coming to Solana



Messaging apps have become a global phenomenon, with more than 3.6 billion users access it globally. Nowadays the average person sends 72 posts per day. WhatsApp channels over 100 billion messages every day, while the number is around 205 million for WeChat video messages.

As popularity increases, so comes more worrisome issues. Problems like cyber theft, privacy violations, and hacked personal data are also increasingly common. The main reason for the problem is how messaging apps work, how they are designed, and how they are managed. Here are several main reasons why privacy issues arise:

  • Majority of messaging apps require users to submit sensitive data, such as name, date of birth and phone number.
  • Several applications use personal information for unethical purposes. Facebook shared data acquired from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with advertisers.
  • Governments have also acquired global surveillance operations on WhatsApp via Spyware.

Here are some high profile events that highlight the extent and occurrence of such issues:

  • Telegram, which many see as a safer alternative to WhatsApp, faced a huge data breach last August. The personal information of more than 500 million users has been compromised.

Even Facebook Messenger has lost personal data of more than 530 million Facebook Messenger, including phone numbers and email addresses, to hackers in April.

Even then, upcoming messaging app platforms do not solve the problems effectively. Signal, which can be a superior alternative to Telegram and WhatsApp, also uses a cloud-based framework architecture, allowing unencrypted messages to non-users.

One plausible solution to these problems lies in blockchain technology. Communication technology experts from Lithuania have already created a solution that solves the problems faced by global messaging platformsSecretum.

Secretum is the world’s first exclusively decentralized and encrypted messaging application developed on Solana. The app provides users with direct, secure and hassle-free messaging with significant technological advantages. Some of them include:

  • There will be no moderators or servers with full end-to-end encryption for every post shared by users.
  • The data or message information file is not stored in a centralized space or on cloud storage. The app will use trusted and verified nodes in the blockchain.
  • Users can only register with crypto wallet addresses. It will not ask for names, dates of birth or other sensitive information, providing complete anonymity.

Additionally, Secretum allows users to trade fungible and non-fungible cryptocurrency assets on a peer-to-peer basis economically, bypassing multiple exchanges. Solana, the fastest Blockchain network, helps Secretum access high block speeds and low fuel costs to join a thriving ecosystem of more than 400 global projects.

Solana, the fastest Blockchain networkThe app is expected to revolutionize the way users interact through instant messaging, creating a more secure, reliable and user-friendly experience. Secretum has the capacity to evolve into a platform known and used around the world. The messaging app can achieve the ubiquity of Telegram or WhatsApp, minus their weaknesses.



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