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Tallinn, Estonia, August 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Visit the mythical world of Mystyria to acquire rare NFT-based creatures. Enjoy the Early Bird Offer breed and evolve into powerful beasts and play different games.

Petootie, the mainland island of Mystyria is home to inhabitants known as PetPals – with nine different intelligent creatures fighting for land and resources. A first in the decentralized gaming industry, the PetPals platform brings together NFT (PetPals) and staking (evolution of PetPals) in a global environment.

Players have the option to stake the native $ PAL token in in-game Petboxes or both NFT and $ PAL-based PetPals for faster evolution of their creatures – while also earning more $ PAL through staking rewards .

Brushes are powerful objects in the PetPal lore that creatures use to “paint reality itself”To improve their physical attributes. Users can acquire them to get the edge they need in the various games offered on the platform.

$ PAL – Play to win

The PetPal universe is powered by its native BEP20 $ PAL token. The main role of $ PAL is to acquire the creatures and use the tokens for evolution staking. Unlike other popular blockchain-based games, the developers at PetPals chose the token and the whole world of Mystyria to run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) due to the dramatically improved security and higher TPS than the Ethereum blockchain, allowing PetPal owners to play without long wait times, high gas costs, and unstable networks.

While $ PAL tokens can be acquired through the Early Bird Offer, gamers can also get their hands on over $ PAL by:

  • Reproduction: Two different PetPals can be mated, thus gaining the chance to produce rare offspring. Each new character earns $ PAL.
  • Staking: Use single staking or hybrid staking to put your PetPal into hibernation. Earn by farming $ PAL and at the same time watch your PetPal evolve into a more powerful creature.
  • Battle: pit your PetPal against others for domination and earn $ PAL as you win. Who will be the strongest ?
  • Raids: Team up with other players to fight strange sea creatures, or cut down tools and defend your island to earn $ PAL as a reward.

PetPals isn’t all about fighting, it’s about enjoying the finer things in life. When not winning battles or defending against raids, players can participate in different mini-games. Become the best Italian chef by completing pizza orders or hit the beach and ride the waves to see who’s the surf champion, all while earning PAL $ – and more!

PAL coinage – NFT of the future

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for representing the ownership of unique and rare items. Whether it’s the famous digital art Beeple or the very first tweet from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, if it’s one of a kind, it can be turned into an NFT. And now, PetPals allows players to own unique creatures that are hit as NFTs.

As PetPals acquire different attributes through hibernation and brushes, they become more and more rare and unique. The different attributes will give them the advantage over others and this opens up the possibility for players to win. By breeding and evolving different PetPals, users can create highly sought after creatures that they can then turn into NFTs to be immortalized on the blockchain.

PetPals Roadmap

The PetPal universe is constantly expanding and the developers are working to build an enveloping and global universe. The next steps include:

  • Smart contract audit: A full contract of PetPal’s code is currently being audited for the safety and peace of mind of its users.
  • I DO: $ PAL tokens will soon be available for players on Pancake DEX, following the Early sale.
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko List: Full data along with current prices will be available on the world-renowned token tracking platforms CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • Launch of Petpals Staking / Farming Pools: Bet your $ PAL to win more chips.
  • Launch of the Petpals mini-games: The beta of Pal’s Pizzeria is already available for testing. Surfs Up will launch soon, and the games will be followed by others.

The PetPal team will launch the first major NFT gaming battleground where players will compete in 1vs1 or as a team. At the same time, the platform will become a DAO and pass control of the platform to players

$ PAL Token Sale

Powered by its BEP $ 20 PAL, PetPal’s native $ PAL token will soon be available on PancakeSwap. In the meantime, interested parties can get their hands on $ PAL at discount prices through the Early Bird Offer.

There is a total of $ 100 million PAL, with 5% vested in the team (1% will be released at launch, the rest 4% over the course of a year), 2% is reserved for locked staking and a 1% additional for air drops. Along with this, $ PAL tokenomics have a unique tax system. Each buyer and seller will be charged 5% to fuel the marketing and development of the platform. The seller will be charged an additional 3% which will be used to reward bonuses.

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