Fix Remote Desktop Cannot Find Computer Error in Windows 11/10


Remote Desktop is a powerful and convenient feature that allows you to connect to another computer on the same network or to one available on a dedicated network available for access. When you try to connect to a remote computer, if it cannot find the PC, this message will solve the problem with Remote Desktop Can’t Find the Computer.

Remote Desktop cannot find the computer

Follow these methods to resolve the problem if you cannot find the computer on the network.

  1. Check Windows Version
  2. Enable Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Check if you are on the same network
  4. Check the status of RDP services.
  5. The network profile is public
  6. Check the restrictions on security settings.

You will need to use an administrator account for some steps.

1]Check the Windows version

If you are using Windows Home, Remote Desktop is not available. If you try to connect to this computer from your PC, it will not work. Although it’s not officially supported, you can use Github’s RDP Wrapper library and use Remote Desktop in the home version.

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2]Activate the remote desktop connection

Enable Windows Remote Desktop

The default option to connect to a computer using Remote Desktop is disabled. Make sure the option is enabled on both computers. Go to Settings> System> Remote Desktop. Activate this. Now, if you type in the exact name of the computer, you should be able to connect.

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3]Check if you are on the same network or if you have a correct address or name

When you connect to a remote computer near you, make sure that you are connected to the same wifi network. If you are on the same network, make sure you are using the correct name. If you are trying to connect to a computer that is available on the Internet, make sure you are using the correct address.

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4]Check the status of RDP services

Windows RDP Services

The Remote Desktop connection is established through Windows services and you need to make sure they are running when you try to connect.

  • Open the Run prompt and type Services, then press Enter key
  • in the Services snap-in, locate Remote Desktop Services
  • Double click to open it and start it.
  • Now try to connect to the remote computer.

Typically, this service should start as soon as you try to connect, but if you can’t, you can start it manually.

5]The network profile is public

Enable Windows Network Discovery

Make sure that both computers are available or discoverable on the network. Follow the steps to activate it:

  • Open the Run prompt (Win + R), type Control and press the Enter key
  • Go to the Network and Sharing Center
  • Click Change advanced sharing settings
  • Under Network Discovery, select Enable network discovery.
  • Then check the box Enable automatic configuration of devices connected to the network.
  • Save the changes and you should now be able to find the computer.

6]Check restrictions on security settings

This is for advanced users, or you can log in with support. It varies from software to software. Some advanced security software can restrict inbound-outbound connections so Remote Desktop does not function. You will need to relax the security settings or look for an option that may directly conflict with them.

Can you use a remote desktop on a turned off computer?

If Wake-on-Lan is enabled on the remote computer, the remote access software can wake it up. You should be able to connect to the remote office if it is disabled. It works even if the computer is in hibernation or sleep mode.

How can I access my Office computer from my home?

You can ask your IT administrator to make it available through the computer network to be accessible through an IP address. If that doesn’t work, you can use desktop software like TeamViewer to pre-configure the setup and access it from anywhere. Some VPNs also allow you to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world, but that would require a lot of setup.

What is the best remote desktop software?

There is nothing better desktop software, but there are plenty that are useful. The list includes TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Splashtop Business Access, ConnectWise Control, Zoho Assist, VNC Connect, and more.

Remote Desktop cannot find the computer

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