Foreign social media apps remain very popular in Iran despite blockade



WASHINGTON, Sept.25 (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on Saturday said the release of Huawei’s chief financial officer raised serious questions about President Joe Biden’s ability to deal with the threat posed by the tech giant and the Chinese Communist Party.

Rubio, in a text message to Reuters, called on the Biden administration to urgently brief Congress on the matter.

Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou returned to China on Saturday after reaching a deal with U.S. prosecutors on Friday to end the bank fraud case against her.

“Ms. Meng’s release raises serious questions about President Biden’s ability and willingness to deal with the threat posed by Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party,” Rubio said. “We’ve already seen how the administration’s focus on climate causes them to downplay the genocide. This is just another example of the Biden administration’s dangerously soft approach to Beijing.”

Meng was arrested at Vancouver International Airport under a U.S. warrant and charged with bank and wire fraud for allegedly misleading HSBC in 2013 about the telecommunications equipment giant’s business dealings with Iran. She has spent over 1,000 days under house arrest in Canada.

The deal was also criticized by Republican Senator Bill Hagerty, who told Reuters it was more of a surrender to China.

“I’m very worried that this will emerge, that it may be more appeasement on the part of the Biden administration, more surrender,” said Hagerty, former ambassador to Japan. “Huawei is an aggressive predatory company. It is backed by the Chinese Communist Party. We have abandoned influence today.”



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