Germany wants to control Telegram: what the authorities expect from the messenger


Germany wants to control Telegram: what the authorities expect from the messenger

Telegram/Dima Solomin

German Justice Minister Marko Buschmann in an interview with the Funke media group said that European Union countries should jointly develop a universal approach to Telegram. According to him, this is necessary to fight illegal content and track illegal information.

The minister says the joint actions of all the countries will make a much stronger impression on the developers of the service than if each country tries to act separately. What does the politician propose?

What’s going on around Telegram

The German authorities are extremely negative that sending requests for the removal of illegal material to Dubai is delaying the process.

Marko Buschmann believes that the messenger is interested in making money from advertising, so he cannot refuse the solvent European market. In his opinion,

Telegram must appoint a representative or an official contact person in Germany . German authorities could interact with them to obtain information on violations.

At the same time, he warned against “the illusion” that violations of the law would cease as soon as Telegram obeyed the general rules.

The radicals will seek new ways and platforms, the minister said.

By the way, this is not the first case of such statements by the German authorities. Earlier in December, the German Interior Ministry called for stricter regulation of Telegram to combat hate. This statement was made after the Federal Office of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany opened two cases of violation of the law on improving law enforcement on social networks, to which the operator of courier did not react in any way.


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