Google Keep now lets you drag and drop images to other apps


The recent resurgence of tablets and other devices with large screens has caused Google to take a close look at this sector, introducing updates to their apps to make them more intuitive to use on these large screens and also to make multitasking easier. .

The latest update comes to Google Keep, which now lets you drag an image from another Google app like Gmail or Google Docs, and it will be pasted automatically. To get started, open Google Keep with Gmail or another Google app side-by-side in split-screen mode.

Whether your picture is on Gmail or Google Keep, long press it until it pops out. Then drag it to the other app. A copy of the image with the correct dimensions will be saved on the second application.

To use the drag and drop feature, make sure your version of Google Keep on Android is or later. You must also ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled for the feature to work properly

However, note that the drag-and-drop feature does not currently support apps that are not developed by Google. Therefore, you will only be able to use the feature with Google Messages, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. android font think it has to do with Google not providing certain APIs to third party app developers so it may take a while before you can use the feature with likes of WhatsApp and Telegram where it will definitely be more useful to more people.

The app is not limited to Android, you can also access it on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and a few other browsers. However, with these other browsers, you may not be able to use all the features of Google Keep.


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