Google lists two unsupported Wear OS apps in the “Essential monitoring apps” section



Google currently markets Wear OS 3 apps with a dedicated “essential watch apps” section on the Play Store. However, as Reddit user u / mannabhai (via Phone Arena) pointed out, two of the apps featured on the essentials list are no longer compatible with Wear OS 3.

The essential list mentions apps like Wear OS, Google Fit, Telegram, Google Keep, Uber, Google Maps, Citymapper, and Podcast. It looks like the list was put together in a hurry as Telegram and Uber are no longer compatible with the latest iteration of Wear OS.

Uber lost support for Wear OS a long time ago while Telegram recently ditched the platform

While Uber lost support for Wear OS some time ago, Telegram has only recently stopped supporting the platform. It is baffling that Google is trying to promote these apps without confirming their availability. This is probably a temporary oversight on the part of the company.

Porting essential operating system applications

Google is betting big with the all new Wear OS 3.0 which merged with Samsung’s Tizen operating system. It also explains why the Galaxy Watch 4 was the first to launch this unified platform last month. However, the company warned during the initial announcement that only a handful of older Wear OS smartwatches would benefit from the new update.

Among the watches expected to receive the new Wear OS 3 are the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, TicWatch Pro 3, and TicWatch E3. Meanwhile, the Fossil Gen 6 series, including the Michael Kors Access Gen 6 Bradshaw, will also get Wear OS 3.

Wear OS 3.0 brings a handful of changes, including refreshed tiles from your favorite apps. Google has so far refreshed the appearance of the thumbnails for Google News, Calendar, Weather, as well as the alarm clock, to name a few.

Google has said it will make the Tiles API available to third-party developers. Some of the current third-party tiles include Spotify, Strava, etc. Thanks to Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, Wear OS 3 will have a new built-in Active Zone Minutes tile. Additionally, the platform will introduce updated versions of apps like YouTube Music, Google Pay, and Google Maps.

Google recently updated the “app quality” guidelines for Wear OS 3, providing developers with the information they need to build apps for the new platform.



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