Google Play removes Iranian regime apps


Google has removed three native Iranian messengers and two government-controlled smart transportation apps from its Google Play digital delivery service.

Iranian website Digiato announced on Wednesday that the apps are Snap, TAPSI, Soroush, Bale and iGap, and their accounts have been removed from Google Play.

Digiato claimed that, based on his investigations, he discovered that the requests had been removed due to the sanctions against Iran.

The removal of Iranian apps from the Apple and Google Store platforms is nothing new and dates back to 2017. Due to US sanctions against the authoritarian regime, Apple has largely removed Iranian apps from the Apple Store.

The Iranian regime has shut down two popular apps WhatsApp and Instagram since popular anti-government protests began in September to restrict the free flow of information about events unfolding in the country.

Telegram, Twitter and YouTube are also banned by the Iranian government while senior officials in the country have access to these platforms to spread their propaganda.

Clerical leaders say people are only allowed to use local apps like Soroush, iGap and Bale, which are now banned by Google.

Recently, social activists launched a campaign to pressure Twitter to delete the account of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who is ultimately responsible for the human rights abuses and murder of protesters.


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