Google Play Store will implement new policies for children’s apps


Google Play Store may soon roll out new restrictions for its apps, especially for apps that kids usually access. Their availability varies from region to region.

This decision may affect the developers who created the apps. If there is a time when a certain app is flagged as “inappropriate”, the creator will be forced to remove it from the App Store in a selected location.

Restrictions in children’s apps from the Play Store

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Google could drop new region-specific restrictions for child-directed apps on the Play Store

Following the Developer Program Policy update this month, Google revealed that apps designed for kids shouldn’t just be accessible to them.

The search engine giant wrote that apps should also be suitable for use by children, Android Police reported Thursday, April 7.

For example, if the app approved for use by children is considered “appropriate” for a specific region, this does not mean that it will be automatically removed in other places.

Additionally, restrictions may be effective in one country, but the app may remain usable and safe for children in another region.

The announcement did not clarify the indicators if an app is inappropriate for children.

However, we assume that Google will prepare unique sets of policies per region. These will help determine their availability in different locations. Still, it’s a difficult task the tech titan will accomplish if he wants to restrict the use of dangerous apps in a country.

So far, we know that each region has different age restrictions. For example, the UK does not have strict rules when it comes to downloading the Telegram app from the app store. However, there is always a disclaimer for parental advice.

Speaking of Telegram, Germany limits the use of this messaging platform on the Google Play Store to people aged 18 and over.

30 day grace period for developers

As of now, developers will have a 30-day grace period for new policies. They will have to follow them by May 11, 2022.

If they don’t follow the rules, developers run a huge risk of having their apps removed from the App Store.

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Protect children online

Since digital apps can be a double-edged sword, it’s important to be knowledgeable in educating kids about what’s safe not to be in the online world.

According to Forbes, technology leaders could educate people to protect children against the potential of phishing and spam.

In addition, they must also create a product specially designed for children alone. They must be made accessible and practical for young audiences.

If you’re a parent with a child who regularly uses an app, you should let security software take care of privacy and security solutions. Along with this, you should use effective tools such as password manager, VPN and other software that will promote your kids’ online safety.

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