Hackers May Use Telegram More Than Dark Web, Study Says



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In a context where WhatsApp changes its privacy policies and it is known that it monitors certain conversations, it turns out that Telegram is the new preferred space by hackers or cybercriminals to spread or share illegal information.

Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

As reported by The Financial Times , which conducted a study in conjunction with cyber intelligence group Cyberint, hackers share data leaks through channels with tens of thousands of subscribers. All this because of “laxity [of the app] in moderation and ease of use. “

According to analysts, cybercriminals have altered their conversation spaces and illegal practices of the dark canvas or dark web for Telegram, and therefore the participation of hackers in instant messaging application increased by 100%.

Although Telegram groups do not have end-to-end encryption like a one-on-one conversation, these can be set up with passwords to type in, and according to research, illegal information was shared. using names. key as a “combolist”. While it is true that groups cannot rely on end-to-end encryption, all messages within Telegram (including those in groups) are strongly encrypted based on the MTProto protocol.

According to a Yahoo! report, the social network removed the channel where the data was sold with combinations of emails after the Financial Time notified the company. In addition, in a statement, the platform recalled that it had a policy of eliminating personal data shared without consent.

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited to add encryption for Telegram’s MTPoto protocol.



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