Hate that Facebook stalks your web activity all the time? Turn it off



Facebook is known to keep track of all data of any user on the web. But now you can avoid this tracking with the help of the feature called Activity outside Facebook. This feature will allow you to browse the web without worrying about being tracked by the business.

The issue of tracking activity and privacy on the Facebook platform is highly debatable. You can easily notice that the platform is always following you as you move around the web. For example, if you go to an ecommerce website like Amazon or Flipkart to view a product, you may see the same or similar advertisements of that product on your FB page. It might bother you a lot that Facebook can track what you are doing on the net and it might also compromise your privacy to some extent.

To alleviate the strain of being tracked all the time when using the internet, the company has provided the feature of non-Facebook activity name to stop tracking. This privacy feature would become very convenient for users as they can control their sharing activity by other third party apps or sites with Facebook. You can see which site is sharing your data with the social media company and it also monitors these third party application activities.

So, when you activate this privacy feature, it will allow you to clear all the history of any websites or apps that have shared your data with this platform. You can use future non-Facebook activity to prevent any kind of data sharing with other apps or sites with your profile by disabling it. You will also have the option to choose any company to stop sharing any activity you do in order to avoid any publicity of such company.

Using Facebook’s business tool, you can find out the particular type of data that an app or site shares with the platform. There you can deactivate future “non-Facebook activities” in your profile. You can prevent your browsing or search activity data from being shared with this platform. And you would be able to erase any information from the account.

Prevent apps and website from tracking you through non-Facebook activity

It is very easy to activate non-Facebook activity in your Facebook profile. Just follow the steps to activate it.

  • Go to your Facebook and click on the notch icon at the top right.
  • To select Settings and privacy
  • Press the Settings.
  • Select the option of Your Facebook information.
  • Then press the Activity outside Facebook.
  • Select “Your face information “ on the left side.
  • Click on the “Seen“link given for”Activity outside Facebook“.

Your Facebook information

  • Click on the Manage your activity outside Facebook to see all the applications that act on your information.

Manage your activity outside Facebook

  • If you want disconnect very particular Application Where website to access Facebook information then, select it in the list, then click on the “Disable future activity ”Option.

Disable Facebook Future activity

  • And from there you can turn off any future activity within your profile by managing your Activity outside Facebook and can erase all history From this.
  • Yes, if you want To delete all Applications who access your Facebook information, then just click on the “Clear story” button.

Clear history of Facebook activity

What will be the result of the deactivation of the activity managed by the functionality Outside Facebook?

  • By using non-Facebook activity when you clear your account activity, all of your credentials would be deleted by Facebook that other third-party apps or websites share.
  • In doing so, the sharing of information from other apps and sites with Facebook will not be there and the platform will not get any information about the site you are visiting.
  • And it will prevent you from getting any ads from those sites which could be very pleasing to most of the users.

So if you want to stop Facebook from tracking your activity, then you need to use this privacy feature to prevent it from tracking you and sharing data all the time.



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