Here’s how top chat apps tell if a message has been read or not


Almost everyone is familiar with WhatsApp’s double blue tick, but beyond that infamous message read indicator, it’s not that easy to know. what does each of the icons mean that we encounter in chat applications.

To satisfy your curiosity, we show you all the reading indicators for WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Signal and LINEwhat each means and how each application indicates that a message is being sent, has been sent, has been delivered or has been read.


We started with WhatsApp, the messaging application with the largest number of users in the world and which made checks and double checks fashionable. Since WhatsApp introduced the double blue check eight years ago, the app has four main status indicatorsalthough it should be noted that it is possible to disable read receipts.

  • 🕒 – send. The clock icon indicates that the message is being sent and it usually appears for a very short period of time, unless the connection is slow or we have no connection at the time .
  • ✔ – sent. The single gray tick icon indicates that the message was sent successfully and is waiting to reach the other person’s mobile (who, for example, has the mobile turned off or offline).

  • ✔✔ – delivered. The gray double checkmarks icon indicates that the message has been delivered to its recipient, so it has been downloaded to their mobile and the appropriate notification has appeared (if active). The message has not yet been read, or you or this person have disabled read receipts.

  • ✔✔ – read. The blue double tick icon means that the message has been read or, at least, that the other person opened the chat after you sent the message.



Another Meta messenger application that has four states is Facebook Messenger, although they are different from WhatsApp and their colors are inconsistent, as they change depending on the subject of the chat and if you are using the chat on the Facebook site. or in its application. . Also, show only read prompt in last message: the above elements just appear empty:

  • ⚪ – send. The Facebook Messenger circle icon indicates that the message is being sent and has not yet reached the Meta servers, you will see an empty circle next to the message. You will usually only see it if your internet connection is very slow.
  • ☑ – sent. The tick icon inside an uncolored circle indicates that the message has been sent, but has not yet been delivered to the recipient. This happens if the other person hasn’t been active on Facebook Messenger since you sent them (or blocked you).

  • ☑ – sent. When the verification icon inside a circle is colored and it is not the silhouette, it implies that the message has already been delivered to the other person. The color it is colored in varies and can take on the cat theme color, or remain gray.

  • 👨‍👧 – read. The other person’s profile picture in a circle shows how far they’ve read, rather than being displayed individually in each post. This way, everything before this message has been read. What is below, no.

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Telegram works a bit differently than previous apps, having only three status icons. There is no icon to indicate that a message has been delivered, so we won’t know what happened to our message until it’s read. Unlike WhatsApp, you cannot disable read receipts on Telegram.

  • 🕜 – send. The Telegram clock icon is displayed momentarily until the message is sent to the app’s servers.
  • ✔ – sent. The color check icon that varies by subject (usually green) indicates that the message is already securely stored on Telegram’s servers. When the other person logs in, they will arrive on their mobile (but you won’t be told).

  • ✔✔ – read. The double check icon in Telegram means that the message has been read, regardless of its color. The color of the icon depends on the theme used in this chat on Telegram.



Instagram messaging is even more special when it comes to showing the status of messages. It works the same way as Messenger, but with even fewer icons, because there is no flag for sent messages (although you can deduce it because the “send” icon disappears).

  • ✈️ – send. A paper plane (or triangle) icon indicates that the message is still being sent to Instagram’s servers. When it is sent, the icon will disappear, but it will not be replaced by another.
  • seen – read. When the message has been displayed in the other person’s chat, the text will be included saw a moment ago, until the last message displayed on the screen. This works more accurately than in WhatsApp, as not all messages are marked as read when entering the chat, but rather as displayed on screen. The text varies depending on the time elapsed since the message was read.



The Signal secure messaging app works quite similar to WhatsApp in terms of how its read callsigns work. From your options, you can turn read notifications on or offwhich here are not double blue checks but double colored checks.

  • ⚪ – send. Signal’s dotted circle icon means the message is still being sent, perhaps because the connection is slow or you’re offline at the moment.
  • ☑ – sent. The simple verification icon inside a signal circle implies that the message has already been sent successfully and is waiting for the other person to connect so it can be delivered and viewed on their mobile.

  • ☑☑ – delivered. The Double Check Signal icon in a circle and without color means that the message has been delivered to its recipient. In other words, it has reached your mobile. It may also have been read if you or the other person have read receipts turned off.

  • ☑☑ – read. When the Signal double check icon is colored, the message has been read, or at least the chat has been opened after it was sent.



The LINE messaging app is probably the least error-prone, because does not use any icons, but simple language. If you’re from WhatsApp, it can be a little confusing to know what it is, but in truth there are only two states:

  • 13:37 – sent. LINE displays the time next to a message when it has been sent. Prior to this -while it is being sent- nes is not indicated.

  • read read. When the other person opened the chat after you sent the message, the text will appear below the time of the message LilyNo more.


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