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by Adilin Béatrice

August 12, 2021

Famous data science jokes represent the complexity of technology and sarcastically tackle real-world problems

“Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity,” a laughing joke that makes sense. While the tech realm is pretty serious when we talk about tech like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., on the sacred part it’s pretty funky. For many years, researchers have tried to make machines create jokes. In the 21st century, this turned out to be real. While we’re not very happy or laughed at the lame jokes data science models have made, it’s a remarkable start to building machines that could create fun things. Additionally, the web is also full of hilarious data science jokes that only data scientists can understand. Famous data science jokes represent the complexity of technology and sarcastically tackle real world problems. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the best data science jokes and memes worth reading.

Don’t care about the complexity of data and its results

ML system

Courtesy of: Randall Monroe, xkcd

The meme directly or indirectly represents the complexity of the data and its functionality. It represents how we believe in data science and machine learning models, with very little assurance of how the answers might turn out. But despite the drawbacks, we just want the system to be fed with more data, so that it can produce more information.

My God

Three statisticians went hunting and came across a large deer. The first statistician fired, but missed, a meter to the left. The second statistician shot, but also missed, a meter to the right. The third statistician did not shoot, but shouted triumphantly: “we got it”.

Courtesy of: ProjectX ltd

The real complexity of data science

Courtesy of: Randall Monroe, xkcd

They say the technology is there to ease our burden by taking over the repetitive tasks. But this meme despises this image. It describes the complexity of data science and the decisions it makes. As you can see, right from the start even the data science models are confused because they have too many answers and it all ends with machine learning, statistics and analysis. Therefore, without learning these three complex subjects, data science would be impossible.

The lame neural network jokes, not so lame though

The long-standing issue of box computers, especially machine learning algorithms that teach you how to tell a joke, came to an end when Janelle Shane practically gave it a try. She took a dataset of 43,000 jokes with questions and punchlines and formed the textgenrnn. As a result, neural networks generated this joke.

What do you call a cat do you have to screw in a light bulb?

They might be worried about the banana.

What did the new ants say after a dog?

He was a pirate.

Why did the monster change a light bulb?

And a coughing cow.

What do you call a pastor crossing the road?

He takes the chicken.

What do we call tea farts?

He called the game dry.

Courtesy: AI Weirdness

The interview script, kids these days

At the end of a job interview, the human resources manager asked a young data scientist fresh out of MIT: “And what starting salary were you looking for?” Data scientists respond, “In the order of $ 125,000 per year, depending on the benefit package. The interviewer asks, “Well, how about a package of 5 weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental care, a pension fund equal to 50% of salary and ‘a company car rented every 2 years. Corvette? “The data scientist straightens up and says,” Wow! Are you kidding? ” And the interviewer responds, “Yes, but you started it. “

Courtesy of: ProjectX ltd

This joke purely portrays the scenario of data science aspirants in the field. While data science is an attractive field and is well known for being very well paid, it does not apply everywhere. The company and the experience of the data scientists really matters in deciding the salary.

What do you think about the security concerns of AI?

Lawer: Is the AI ​​behaving badly? Sue the AI!

Nazi: Is AI at a higher rate? Then that’s for sure.

Commie: Is AI exploring or being exploited? Dangerous in any case.

Socialist: Tax AI to the grave! Will be safe there.

Catholic: If AI believes in God, that’s for sure.

Feminist: AI is the product of male chauvinist sexist and sexist racism! I can’t be safe!

LGBT activist: Safe… it depends, what direction does AI have?

Merkel: We will give asylum to all Als even if they want to kill us.

Juncker: AI will pay dearly if it tries to get rid of humans.

Trump: MAIGA! Grab the AI ​​by her pussy.

Hillary: AI came, AI saw, we’re dead.

Stalin: No AI, no problem.

Eurocrates: We have already created 3284 directives to define what AI is. The next 5324 guidelines will define what safe means.

Einstein: You can’t be more artificially intelligent than naturally stupid.

MLKing: Forget to dream…

Courtesy: Artificial Intelligence. Blog

This joke reflects the different understanding of AI by different people. Although it only included a handful of leaders and groups, most of the world’s population will fall under these criteria, which makes AI always complex.

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