How Computers (Mostly) Conquered Chess, Poker, and More | national


Computers have raced into the future for decades, starting out as manual punch cards and now turning the tides on how all of humanity operates.

Artificial intelligence is just one area of ​​computer science, referring not only to the mechanical innards of our machines, but also to how we can teach machines to reason, strategize, and even delay their actions to make them look and behave more, well, human. As experts have created increasingly powerful AIs, they have sought ways to demonstrate the quality of those AIs, which can be difficult to do in meaningful and quantifiable ways.

Enter the classic game format. Games are tailor-made for AI demos for multiple reasons, as many games are “solvable” (meaning the AI ​​can really master them, mathematically speaking) and their contexts (fast-paced, multifaceted, strategic ) can allow programmers to demonstrate truly multidimensional reasoning approaches.

To illustrate this, PokerListings has put together a list of game-changing AI payouts, from traditional board games to flawed information games to video games. The games listed here have little in common, sometimes other than the fact that the AI ​​can now beat them all. They range from classic analog games like Chess and Go to Texas Hold ‘Em poker and today’s most popular multiplayer esports video games.

Keep reading to learn more about the eight significant cases where AIs beat human players at their own game.


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