How to Delete Someone from Messenger in 2022


There are different ways to remove someone from Messenger – whether that person is a Facebook friend or contact synced to the app, a stranger who messaged you, or another group chat participant. If you’re ready to try the methods, let’s jump right into these. Say goodbye to spammers or unwanted chat contacts quickly on the popular messaging app through this guide.

How to remove someone from messenger app

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We’ll cover how to remove someone from Messenger DMs first, not from the contact list or Messenger groups (more on those later). To remove someone, you must use Messenger Restrict or Block.

Both Messenger features limit who you chat with. They even prevent read receipts and chat status from being displayed on either end. The main difference is that Restrict still allows the person to message or call you (with your notifications turned off), but will remove them and their thread from your chat list. Block disallows messages and calls and removes the person from your Messenger contacts. However, you should always delete the conversation from your chat list after blocking.

Restrict or Block Facebook Contacts or Friends on Messenger

As you now know, restriction is a subtle way to “remove” someone from Messenger, while blocking is the easiest method. Whatever your preference, we’ll teach you how to do it. Follow these steps if someone you want to remove from Messenger is in your Facebook contacts or friends:

1. Launch Messenger from your mobile device’s app dashboard.
2. In the Chats list, long press on the chat thread you had with the person.
3. Press Restrict Where To block in the sliding menu.

Restrict or block on Messenger
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If you choose Restrict, the thread will automatically move to the Restricted accounts section in the privacy settings of Messenger. Plus, you’ll remain Facebook friends with the person.

If you select Block, you still have to choose whether you want to block the person only on Messenger or on Messenger and Facebook. The first option will allow you to remain as Facebook friends, while the second won’t (blocking on Facebook results in automatic deletion of friends), so choose wisely. Then you also need to go back to the threads list, long press on the thread and then press Wipe off to delete the conversation.

Block someone you don’t know on Messenger

How do you remove someone from Messenger if they’re not in your Messenger contacts or Facebook friends? The process is almost similar to the previous walkthrough. But instead of heading straight to the chat list, block the stranger from message requests you’ve received from them. Here is the exact process:

1. Click on your avatar in the Messenger app.
2. In the profile menu, tap Message requests.
3. If the person is on the You may know Where spam tab, long press on their message.
4. Strike To block after. There is no Restrict option here, so blocking is your only choice.

Block option for message request senders
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5. Tap the person’s message again, then tap Wipe off if you want to remove it from message requests.

How to remove someone from messenger group chat

If you also want to know how to remove someone from a Messenger group chat, we have you covered.

In this case, be aware that blocking or restricting the person’s Messenger account will not remove them from the group chat. Messenger will only notify you that the group includes someone whose account you previously blocked. Thus, you need to proceed to remove the member from the Messenger group. Here’s how:

1. Start your Messenger app.
2. Drag the Chats list up to find the group chat.
3. Tap the group chat and then tap its “i” icon in the top right.
4. Swipe up the group chat menu, then tap View chat members.

Group chat member list selection
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5. Tap the name of the chat participant you want to remove.
6. On the member details page, tap Remove from group. For members with deactivated accounts, you need to tap the three-dot icon instead to find the delete option.

Delete someone from Messenger group chat
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How to Bulk Delete Unfriended Contacts from Messenger

The previous methods to remove someone from Messenger require you to repeat the steps for each person you no longer want to hear from. But is there a way to mass-delete people you’re not yet friends with on Facebook from Messenger? There is one, but for non-friends on your Messenger contacts. Refer to this walkthrough:

1. Go to your Messenger app.
2. Tap your avatar.
3. Swipe up the profile menu and tap Telephone number.
4. Press Manage Contacts.
5. Wait for the app to redirect you to Facebook. Log in if necessary.
6. The page will display all non-friend contacts you have downloaded in the past (if any).
7. Strike Delete all contacts.

Delete unfriended Messenger contacts, if any
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Note that the deletion will be useless if the synchronization of contacts on Messenger is not disabled; the contacts will eventually sync again. So, go back to the profile menu from step 3, then instead of going to phone contacts, tap Download Contacts and make sure it’s turned off.

Alternative: turn off notifications from someone or a group

Maybe you’re quite annoyed by someone on Messenger, but you don’t want to restrict or block them yet. Or maybe you’re in a too “noisy” chat group, but the conversation going on isn’t directly relevant to you. If so, you can try muting notifications from that person or group instead of deleting the contact or kicking members or yourself out of the circle.

Muting is a great alternative when you feel the nuisance is only temporary or you don’t want to be bothered by cats right now, but definitely want to check on them later. So, here is how to mute the sound on Messenger:

Disable chat alerts

1. Go to the list of chats in your Messenger application.
2. Long press the chat thread of the person who needs to be muted.
3. Press Mute Notifications in the menu that slides up.

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Disable group chat alerts

1. Find the chat group in your Messenger chat list.
2. Long press on the group chat.
3. Choose deactivate the notifications in the list of menu actions.

Disable a group chat
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Delete Someone From Messenger With Ease

There can be many reasons why you want to know how to remove someone from Messenger. It could be avoiding strangers, leaving uninteresting conversations, kicking an unruly member of a chat group, taking a break from online events, or something else entirely. Either way, you can easily remove someone from Messenger. Just refer to this guide whenever there is someone you want to unfollow on the app.


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