How to disguise your ultimate connection time in WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Telegram from PC to take care of privacy


The reality of being tied up all day takes away some privacy from friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances normally. Probably the most must-have goals that mean you can stay safe privacy is to cover your connection in WhatsApp, Instagram, Fb Messenger and Telegram so others have no idea when you are online.

Instagram was the ultimate for adding this capability as in the two different programs of the Zuckerberg company (WhatsApp and Fb Messenger) it had already been available for quite some time. And Telegram, after all, also has it in its settings. Let’s take a look at how this is done in each of them. To understand how to do it on iOS and Android, you will see it on this hyperlink. For do it on the PC, you have all the data in the following strains.

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Hide your connection in Telegram Internet

Telegram gives many goals that enhance privacy and among other things is to turn off ultimate connection time. If you do, you will no longer be able to see the location of people from whom you might hide your data. What you are going to see is data reminiscent of “recently”, “a few days in the past” or “a few weeks in the past”. It is essential to go to “Parameters” or to the parameters. To try this out, click on the 3 horizontal stumps following the quest engine.

After that you get elective admission to “Who can see your final notification time”, the place where you will select the person you need to rate your ultimate login time: your contacts, everyone or no one. You will also be able to make a choice if you only need someone to watch it except certain people and download the names of those people. If you happen to exchange your thoughts, you will repeat the method and make one choice an alternate choice.

How to disguise your connection on Instagram

You will also be able to organize your Instagram account settings from your PC. Take into account that this social community has stepped up the choices it offers us once we use it from the PC and now we will even add images from these desktops. To restrict your privacy, you click on your photo icon at the top right. From there you select the settings and the choice of privacy and security.

It is a must to switch to the “always-on display process” function. As Instagram itself remembers, it “lets in which accounts you observe and who you’ve messaged to.” can see the ultimate moment you were energetic in Instagram programs. If you happen to disable this selection, you will no longer be able to see the status of the alternate accounts process. “

How to disguise your connection on WhatsApp

The very first thing, you should know that you cannot adjust this part of the configuration from WhatsApp Internet or from WhatsApp Desktop. Thereafter, to cover the ultimate time that you have tied up, you want to do it from a cellular tool. If you happen to disguise your connection in WhatsApp, you will no longer be able to see other people’s ultimate connection time. but you will still look “online” when you find yourself with the application open.

As you will see in the photo taken with Xataka Android, you need to open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu, then enter the “Account” segment and click on “Privacy”. Contact the place where it says ‘Final’. time ‘and make a selection of the people you need to assess your ultimate online time: your contacts, everyone or no one.

How to disguise your connection in Messenger

In this case, what you will do is dress up whether you are energetic or energetic (one thing is indicated by a green dot next to your profile picture). It is not enough to do it on one tool, you must disable it on all computer systems on which you use Fb or Messenger.

While using Messenger through your PC browser, you will grab the Mssenger from Facebook and as soon as you get there, click on the 3 horizontal dots, after the cat sentence, on the left facet. And esvogate the choice “Personal tastes”.

The window opens slightly and there you should “Deactivate the energy position”. You can deactivate the energy position for all contacts; deactivate the energy position for all contacts except (which you select); or deactivate the energy position only for certain contacts. “Your loved ones and contacts will see when you find yourself in an energetic position or for those who had been recently. Unless you turn off the setup in every position you use Messenger or Facebook, you’ll look with the energetic position or it will mean you’ve just been energetic lately, ”they explain of Messenger.

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