How to Fix “Telegram Desktop App Not Working Issue” on Windows 2022 [April]


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Check how to fix “Telegram desktop app not working issue” on Windows

The Telegram messaging app is a great way to keep in touch with friends if it works properly. However, there are many reasons why Telegram cannot connect. In most cases, your internet connection might not be strong enough to connect to Telegram. Or the app itself could be the problem.

But whatever the reason, there are some things you can try to fix the problem and get back to your chats. In this article, we will explain what could prevent your Telegram from working. In addition, we will provide you with some quick solutions to log in Telegram that you can apply to different devices.

How to Fix “Telegram Desktop App Not Working Issue” on Windows

Telegram fully closed

When you close the Telegram application on Windows, the system does not completely close the service. Telegram continues to run in the background to deliver new messages and notifications instantly. In some cases, when you try to start Telegram when it is already running in the background, you may experience issues. You should use Task Manager to completely close Telegram services and try again.

  • Press the Windows key and search for Task Manager.
  • Press the Enter key and open Task Manager.
  • Find Telegram Desktop in the list. You will find the Telegram Desktop option in the list of background processes.
  • Click on it and select the End Task button at the bottom.

Make sure you are using an active internet connection

  • To sync your latest messages and group updates, Telegram requires an active internet connection. If you are not connected to the Internet, Telegram may not open or be stuck in online state.
  • Open the Settings app in Windows (use Windows key + I) and navigate to the Network & Internet menu. Use Ethernet or a working Wi-Fi connection and open the Telegram app in Windows.

Run the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

Microsoft offers a built-in troubleshooter to repair improperly installed apps installed on your PC. Since Telegram is available on Windows Store, you can run the troubleshooter and fix Telegram not opening on desktop. Follow the steps below to run the Windows Store app troubleshooter on your PC.

  • Launch the Windows Settings app.
  • Go to System and open the Troubleshoot menu.
  • Select other troubleshooters.
  • Scroll down and select Run next to Windows Store App Troubleshooter.

Allow Telegram to always run in the background

By default, all Windows applications are optimized to be powered by the operating system. Here, Windows decides what’s best to help save the most power while still allowing the app to receive notifications. You have the option to change it to Always to keep Telegram running in the background all the time. Therefore, Telegram may use more power, but you will not encounter Telegram not opening or stuck on connection issues.

  • Go to Windows Settings and open the Applications menu.
  • Select Apps & features.
  • Scroll down to Telegram Desktop.
  • Click on the three-dot menu and select Advanced Options.
  • From the background apps permissions menu, select Always.

repair telegram

You also have the option to repair the Telegram app. Here is how you can find and run the Repair Tool for Telegram on Windows.

  • Open the Windows Settings app (Windows Keys + I) and navigate to the Applications menu.
  • Select Apps & Features and find Telegram Desktop in the list.
  • Go to the Advanced menu and you will find the Repair button in the Reset menu.

Close other applications in Windows

This applies to power users running graphics-intensive applications like Photoshop on PC. If you have too many apps and programs open, you may run out of RAM and Telegram won’t open problems in Windows. Let us show you how to check free RAM on your PC, then you can use Task Manager to close background processes and apps.

  • Press the Windows key and search for Resource Monitor. Press enter and open the app.
  • In the Physical memory option, check the available free MBs.

Final Words: How to Fix “Telegram Desktop App Not Working Issue” on Windows

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