How to Hide Last Seen in Telegram on Phone and Desktop


We have seen a huge increase in the Telegram user database as a large number of people have left WhatsApp to join and explore Telegram. As we used to WhatsApp everything was available at your fingertips, now we are missing those features in Telegram. One of these features is the last seen status. Last Seen on Telegram works slightly differently than WhatsApp, let’s break it down and see how it works.

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6 different levels last seen on Telegram

As I mentioned above, telegram last seen works a bit different than whatsapp, there are 6 different levels of last seen, in telegram. Here is what these 6 levels mean:

  • Everybody – Your last seen and online status will be visible to every telegram user
  • My contacts – Your last seen and online status will only be visible to your contacts on telegram
  • Anybody – This will hide your last seen and online from each Telegram user, instead show an approximate time frame. There are additionally 4 different levels based on the time frame:
    • Recently viewed covers anything between 1 second and 2-3 days,
    • Last seen in a week between 2-3 and seven days,
    • Last seen in a month between 6-7 days and a month,
    • Last seen a long time ago more than a month (this is also still displayed for blocked users).

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How to Hide Last Seen Status on Telegram

Now that we know the different levels of last seen and online status, let’s see how can we limit our last seen status.

To note: You can also add a few contacts and groups as exceptions if you want to show them your last seen. The limit set above will be applied to all other contacts and groups on Telegram, meaning they won’t see your last seen.

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This is how you can limit your last seen on telegram, this applies to both the app and a desktop app, regardless of what platform you set it on. If you want to read telegram messages without a read receipt, you can check out our guide here. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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