How to install Telegram desktop app on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS



Telegram app for Ubuntu Linux Desktop and other Linux distributions allow users to easily access their favorite chats, Telegram channels and groups. Here we tell you how to install Telegram on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with other similar operating systems.

When it comes to identifying the best WhatsApp alternative to conduct secure chat, Telegram will be there. Just like WhatsApp, we can access it not only on smartphones, but also on the desktop as an app or using a browser. Thanks to the “Telegram for Desktop” option.

Telegram marks a big plus when it comes to security. According to the developers, the technology is based on AES 256-bit encryption.

What is the main difference between WhatsApp and Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messenger, which means that compared to Whatsapp, all of your messages will be on the company’s secure cloud in an encrypted form rather than on a local device. The advantage is that we can access our conversation on any device logged in with the same account, so they are always in sync. WhatsApp, on the other hand, stores the data on the respective device and not on servers.

In addition, Telegram is significantly faster and more secure than WhatsApp. In addition, the user can share an unlimited number of photos, videos and other files, each of up to 2 gigabytes.

On which devices can Telegram be used?

Telegram is available on Android and iOS app stores and apart from them the user can also use Telegram Desktop app for macOS, Windows and Linux. Well, if any of us don’t want to install any apps to access Telegram on PC or smartphone, we can use the web version of Telegram using a web browser. The source code for the Desktop application is available at Github. The official desktop client for the Telegram messenger, based on the Telegram API and the MTProto secure protocol.

Who is Telegram developed?

Telegram as an app and company was created by two Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who also own the Russian social network According to the company, the development team is based in Dubai.

Install Telegram for Desktop application on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux

Besides 20.4 LTS, user can follow the steps below for Linux Mint, Deepin, Debian, Kali Linux, CentOS, RHEL, etc.

Open the command terminal for Linux Desktop

The easiest method to install apps on Linux, be it Ubuntu or any other, is from the command line. Therefore, open the command terminal using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + T or just search for it in applications.

Method 1 – The easiest way to install using SNAP

If you want a simple way, the SNAP package manager is the one, with the help of this one we can easily install Telegram with just a few commands… Those who use outside of Ubuntu or Debian they can see the methods to configure Snap on their respective OS using – Manage and install Snap on Linux

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install telegram-desktop

Update Ubuntu Telegram via Terminal

To get the latest version after installation using snap:

sudo snap refresh telegram-desktop

2nd method – Download and install Telegram tar.xz file in Ubuntu

Now we are going to download the Linux package available for installation on a Linux based desktop such as Ubuntu 20.04, this is what we are using here.

For the 64-bit version


For the 32-bit version

You will get a compressed file, extract it using the command below:

tar -xvf linux

Move the extracted file to the / opt directory to keep it safe.

sudo mv Telegram/ /opt

Start the application

To run the executable file use the command below


You will see the interface of this chat app to start further.

Also, the above step will create a shortcut to the app in “All apps” for easy access.

Uninstall Telegram Ubuntu

To remove the app from Ubuntu when you no longer need it …

For instant installation-

sudo snap remove telegram-desktop

For manual installation of packages

In case you followed the second method given in this article, just delete the directory where you kept the app. For example, we saved it here as / opt / Telegram then we delete this one. The order will be …

sudo rm -r /opt/Telegram

After that Sign out and connection...

Update telegram

If you use this method then to update the telegram we need to use the update script available in the / opt folder that we copied above. Therefore, the command to trigger this:


However, if you don’t get the shortcut icon, we can create it manually.

Create a telegram desktop shortcut

As this application is portable, in an executable format, and compatible with all Linux, so if you did not have its shortcut in All applications, we can manually create Telegram desktop shortcut on Ubuntu Linux.

To do this, create a shortcut on the desktop using the command below

sudo wget && mv icon.png /opt/Telegram
nano ~/Desktop/Telegram.desktop


vi  ~/Desktop/Telegram.desktop

Add the following lines

[Desktop Entry]

Save the file by pressing Ctrl + X and Yes followed by Enter Key, if you used the nano text editor command.

Those who have used the VIM or VI text editor can use the following keys to save and exit.

  • To edit, press the Insert key.
  • To save and exit – Press Esc key and use :qw followed by the Enter key.

Authorize the launch of the shortcut

  • After saving the file, navigate to your Ubuntu desktop or your Linux version and locate the file Telegram.desktop.
  • Right click on to select the option “Allow launch“.
  • This will imminently transform the gear icon into an executable with the official Telegram icon.
  • Now double click on it to start chatting on your Linux desktop.

Allow launch Linux Telegram Desktop Icon Telegram Desktop app to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTs



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