How To Save Your Cell Phone Battery While Using WhatsApp Web



With a few simple steps, you can activate WhatsApp multi-device mode and forget about your mobile when logging into WhatsApp web.

Although WhatsApp, despite being the most popular instant messaging client in the world with over 2000 million monthly active users, it still has some shortcomings compared to its biggest competitor, Telegram, such as the fact that for to use the web version, you must have our mobile connected, with the resulting battery consumption.

But this problem will be a thing of the past as we will explain below how to save your smartphone battery while using WhatsApp Web, a trick that will certainly be very useful.

With this trick, you can use WhatsApp Web without depending on your mobile phone

You can save your mobile phone battery while using WhatsApp Web by following these steps

With this simple trick, you will be able to save your mobile battery while using WhatsApp web because you don’t need your smartphone to use the WhatsApp desktop client.

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To do this, you will only have to sign up for the beta version of WhatsApp Device Mode, which you can do by following these simple actions:

  • We open our WhatsApp mobile application
  • We click on the menu button located in the upper right part of the application and it is selected with three vertical dots.
  • Click on the paired devices option.
  • We are entering the beta section for different devices.
  • Once inside, we click on the green box at the bottom of the app that says Join the beta.
  • We are now back and under the beta of the multi-device section the word participant appears which means we have successfully completed the previous step.
  • Next, we have to click on the option Link a device, enter our password, PIN or fingerprint for security reasons and scan the QR code that appears when we open the WhatsApp web application on our computer to the using our mobile phone.
  • Once done, the computer or computers that we have linked will appear just under the Device Status section with information about the browser we are using, the operating system we are working with and the time of the last connection.

How To Save Your Cell Phone Battery While Using WhatsApp Web

In this way, it will not be necessary for us to have our smartphone connected to WhatsApp Web to be able to use it, thus, while we do it, our mobile will not consume any battery.

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So, the Facebook-owned messaging app solves one of the main problems with WhatsApp Web, making it easier to manage WhatsApp directly from the computer and not relying on the mobile phone when we are working from our PC.

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