How to share screen on Telegram desktop for Windows



Telegram is one of the best messaging tools on the web when it comes to communicating with family and friends. It is not yet on par with WhatsApp in terms of user base, but in the feature areas it is second to none.

Yes, the Telegram tool for desktop and mobile is more feature rich than WhatsApp. Not too long ago, the creators of the app chose to add the ability to share your screen with families, friends, business associates, and anyone else.

In a world where many people have been invited to work from home, we can easily see why this feature was added to Telegram, and rightly so.

What is screen sharing?

For those who are not fully aware of what screen sharing is, well, this is the ability for a user to stream content from their computer or mobile screen to one or more users on its own devices. With this feature, users can share important information, collaborate in real time, demonstrate software and more.

How to share screen on Telegram desktop for Windows

The steps to use the screen sharing feature on Telegram for PC Windows 11/10 are:

  1. Open the Telegram app
  2. Start a video call
  3. Click on the Call button
  4. Select the Screen sharing button.
  5. To turn the call into a video call, simply click the Video call button and that’s it.

We will also discuss an alternative program for screen sharing.

The first thing to do here is launch the Telegram app on your Windows 11/10 computer. You can find it by pressing the Windows key, then scroll down to the T section. You should see Telegram among the list of apps.

Alternatively, you can check the desktop or even the taskbar for the Telegram icon.

How can I make a video call on Telegram desktop?

Once you’ve opened the app, enter your password if needed, then locate the person you want to share your screen with. In the discussion section, click the Call button, and from there you’ll want to select the Screen sharing button.

When the other person accepts your call, your screen will automatically start sharing with them. You can choose to turn the call into a video call for more immersions if you want. Just click on the Video call button and that’s it.

Alternative programs for screen sharing

How to share screen on Telegram desktop for Windows

For those looking for a business tool, Telegram is not known for collaboration and the like. It could very well become a professional utility with screen sharing, but for now, we think some users will want a more focused app.

For those who are on the fence, we would like to recommend Microsoft teams. It’s powerful, feature-rich, and will likely come preinstalled with Windows 11 if regulators don’t put pressure on Microsoft.

Another free tool from Microsoft can also be used, that is Skype. We believe the tool is being replaced by Teams, but for now Skype is still easier to use, making it more user-friendly compared to its eventual replacement.

Finally, the king of the hill, Zoom. The start of the current situation gave birth to this new flagship application. Since then Zoom has improved significantly in terms of performance and features, so give it a try.

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