How to Track Amazon Packages on Your Phone or Desktop


Waiting for your favorite Amazon orders to arrive can sometimes be tiring. While Amazon offers an estimated delivery date during the checkout process, you can track your package once the seller ships it. You can use the Amazon mobile app on your top Android phone or the web version to check if the product has arrived at the local courier office or is in another state.

Here’s everything you need to know about tracking your Amazon orders in real time right to your doorstep.


Track your Amazon order on mobile

Amazon uses an identical user interface (UI) design on iOS and Android. The steps to track an order remain the same on both mobile platforms.

  1. Download the Amazon mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Amazon account details.
  3. Go to your profile (it looks like a user icon).
  4. Faucet Your commands.
  5. Check your recent order history with delivered packages and estimated arrival date for pending orders. Select an order you want to track.
  6. Check the current send location in the following menu. You can type See all updates to take a look at the progress of your order.

Track an Amazon package on a computer

You don’t need to reach your mobile to track Amazon orders. You can check the same on desktop.

  1. Visit the Amazon website on your PC or Mac.
  2. Log in with your Amazon account credentials.
  3. Select Returns and Orders in the upper right corner.
  4. Find the history of your orders. Select the Track a package button next to a command.
  5. Check your order status, tracking ID and estimated arrival date.

If the estimated delivery date has passed and your tracking information has not changed, wait a day or two for the shipment to be delivered.

Use the Amazon tracking map

If Amazon uses its delivery service in your area, you can track the exact location of your order as of the delivery date. Select Track a package from Your commands menu (refer to the steps above) or shipping confirmation email and check the driver’s live location on the Amazon map tracker. You can plan your day accordingly and be present at the property or designate a safe location for your delivery.

You can sign up for delivery alerts on the Amazon app to receive notification about the availability of the tracking map.

With traditional carriers like FedEx, Bluedart, or UPS, you must use the courier company’s delivery map service to track the live location of your Amazon order.

Use third-party apps to track your Amazon order

Amazon does not use its delivery service in most regions. The company relies on third-party courier companies to deliver your products on time. When Amazon uses different carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS to ship your orders, it can be difficult to track items from them. You can use third-party package tracking apps on Android or iPhone and get tracking details from all major delivery services on the same interface.

One such third-party app is Parcel, which is available on iOS and Android and can track orders from over 300 regional and international couriers. The app follows the freemium model, and you’ll pay $5 per year to unlock all features (like being able to track more than three packages simultaneously).

Deliverys is another package tracking app that supports all major US carriers including Amazon Logistics. The app seamlessly integrates with your calendar to add estimated delivery dates. Deliveries have moved from a one-time purchase option to a subscription model, with pricing starting at $1 per month or $5 per year.

Outdated or missing tracking information

Did you complete all the steps above and then receive inaccurate or outdated tracking information? If the tracking information isn’t up to date or your order has passed its estimated delivery date, wait a day or two before reporting it as a lost package. In most cases, you receive inaccurate or missing order tracking information for the following reasons.

High attendance during the holiday season

There is a high volume of order fulfillment on Amazon during the holiday season or Prime Day. Sometimes the first scan of your package only happens when it reaches the nearest regional hub. In this case, the tracking information only appears when it is close to the delivery date.

International orders

When ordering Amazon products from another region, tracking information may not be available until it reaches the nearest Amazon warehouse in your region.

Amazon Marketplace Orders

Did you order items through Amazon Marketplace? Some sellers do not provide tracking information with Amazon, and you cannot check the same in your Amazon account on mobile and web.

Track your Amazon orders right to your doorstep

Have you scored rarities like PlayStation 5, Omega Swatch MoonSwatch, or a tempting discount on your favorite products at Amazon? Instead of sticking to an estimated arrival date, follow the steps above and track your shipment’s journey in real time. If you frequently miss packages, you may want to have your package delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker.


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