How to use Dual Messenger to manage two Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram accounts on your Samsung Galaxy phone


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Dual Messenger is an incredibly useful tool that lets you run two instances of a messenger service on the same phone. So if you have two Facebook or Telegram accounts or use two phone numbers with WhatsApp, the feature comes in handy. Here’s how you can set up and start using Dual Messenger on your Galaxy phone.

What is Dual Messenger and how does it work?

Dual Messenger is available on all Galaxy phones running One UI. The feature basically works by cloning a messaging app so you can run a second instance of it on your phone. This way, you can use two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, which makes it even more convenient.

Before you start using Dual Messenger, there are a few things to note. You cannot manually add an application; if it does not appear in the list of available apps that can be cloned, you will not be able to use the feature with it. Dual Messenger works with popular messaging services, and you’ll find Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram on the list.

Since Dual Messenger basically clones an existing app, you cannot delete that app if you want to use its clone. Deleting the main app also uninstalls the cloned version, so make sure you don’t unintentionally delete the main app.

How to Use Dual Messenger on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

  1. Open Settings from the home screen.
  2. Scroll down down the page.
  3. Faucet Advanced Features.

    How to Use Dual Messenger on Your Galaxy PhoneSource: Android Central

  4. Scroll down the page.
  5. Faucet dual messenger.
  6. Toggle app you want to clone.

    How to Use Dual Messenger on Your Galaxy PhoneSource: Android Central

  7. Faucet To install in the dialog box.
  8. To select To confirm.
  9. If you want to use a separate contact list for the cloned app, switch this setting to At. If you toggle the feature, you’ll be able to choose which contacts you want to use with the cloned app.

    How to Use Dual Messenger on Your Galaxy PhoneSource: Android Central

  10. You should now see a cloned app next to the primary version. The cloned app has two rings with an orange accent in the bottom corner, making it easier for you to tell the two versions apart.
  11. Launch cloned app to set up your second account.

    How to Use Dual Messenger on Your Galaxy PhoneSource: Android Central

Samsung makes some of the best Android phones available today, and a big part of why millions of customers use its devices is software. One UI has a ton of useful utilities that go beyond what Google has to offer with Android, and Dual Messenger is one of those features.

If you are using a dual SIM version of a Galaxy phone or need to run two accounts of a messaging service on the same device, you can do so easily with Dual Messenger.

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