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With the growing popularity of competing apps like Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp continues to add new features to its platform to attract more users and retain existing users. The Meta-owned platform rolled out a new privacy feature last month called “My Contacts Except”. Also Read – How To Hide WhatsApp Chats Without Deleting Them

My contacts except function

The feature allows users to control who can see their information on WhatsApp. It was unveiled for specific Android beta testers, but according to the latest reports from WABetainfo, the instant messaging giant has started rolling out the feature to other users as well. This update allows users to find the new visibility page by going to the privacy settings and selecting the new option “My contacts except…”. This option is also available for your WhatsApp profile picture, last seen, and about information. Read also – Attention! You may be getting the wrong live locations of your known contacts

The “My contacts except …” option was introduced with the beta version of WhatsApp for Android The feature allows users to choose who can see their information such as “Last seen” status, profile picture and “About” description on WhatsApp. Also Read – How to Edit Photos on WhatsApp Web Via Photo Editor

You will find this new feature in the privacy settings of WhatsApp. This will now be the fourth option in the app because there were already three options: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. If you have hidden your last seen from a contact, you will not be able to see their last seen, but previously this rule does not apply to profile and profile photos.

When you select the “Everyone” option, it means that everyone can see your profile picture, your WhatsApp status and your last seen. When you choose “My Contacts” it means that people in your WhatsApp list can only see three things, and when you select “No one” it means that anyone, even people in your contact list, cannot see profile picture, status and last seen.

Recently, the company added three more features, including image editing, link preview, and a new sticker suggestion feature that changed the chat experience. WhatsApp is also testing a new community feature that will allow group admins to create subgroups within a group.


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